TrafficCast Releases TrafficCarma Mobile App

Radio stations can add voice clips to broadcast
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MADISON, WISC.�With 120 million daily commuters in the U.S., digital traffic information provider TrafficCast has announced its first consumer application, TrafficCarma. This free mobile app provides commuters with personalized information regarding traffic from crowd-source content combined with road speed data, public agency reports, camera imaging and other metrics.

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For broadcasters, TrafficCarma will upgrade TrafficCast�s �traffic-tipster� to the mobile environment; in terms of radio, it will allow stations to add TrafficCarma voice clips to reports. New tools are also available to enhance social media connections to listeners.

Customizable for each media outlet, TrafficCarma can be used in combination with existing broadcast services or as a stand-alone product. Mobile ad inventory can be sold, and revenue shared, between the distribution partners and TrafficCast.

TrafficCarma will be releases on a market-by-market basis starting Oct. 15. ��