TSL Mic Captures New York Ambiance for Pro Sound Effects

SoundField microphone and SurroundZone add to PSE library
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MARLOW, England�To capture a new ambisonic library of New York City, Pro Sound Effects turned to TSL and its SoundField microphones. The SoundField mic supplied the original B-Format audio file. PSE also used TSL�s SurroundZone2 plugin. Recorded in 24-bit/96 kHz high-resolution, the new library includes sounds of the streets and subways from Brooklyn to Manhattan and more.

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The SoundField mic allowed PSE to easily adjust parameters like microphone orientation and output formats to capture surround soundscapes. With the SurroundZone2 software, PSE can customize sound effects and decoded to mono, stereo 5.1, 7.1 and beyond; this provides control over a wide range of microphone parameters from a single user interface.

TSL is a manufacturer of hardware and software systems, specializing in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools.


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Pro Sound Effects Releases NYC Ambisonics Library

Pro Sound Effects®, the Next Level sound effects library, today announced its newest library - NYC Ambisonics is available now for pre-order. When previewed in April at NAB 2015, the press dubbed it “the future of sound effects libraries.” NYC Ambisonics is a 35GB sound effects library that comes with software from TSL Products that allows a sound editor to point “virtual microphones” in any direction and with a variety of polar patterns for greater control and creativity.

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Pro Sound Effects Releases Tokyo Ambisonics Library

Immersive recordings with “virtual mic” software enhance 3D audio workflow for sound editors.  Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released its newest library, Tokyo Ambisonics. Featuring 3.5+ hours (22GB) of pristine city ambiences, Tokyo Ambisonics includes software that allows sound editors and mixers to position “virtual microphones” in any direction with various polar patterns for greater flexibility, realism, and creativity. This is the third Ambisonics library released by PSE...