VB-Audio MT128

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VB-Audio MT128

Jan 26, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Digital multitrack recorder
The MT128 digital multitrack recorder (up to 128 channels) can operate as a stand-alone device in a dedicated PC or integrated into other hardware, such as the Eclipse digital console from Innovason where the MT128 provides the M.A.R.S. digital recorder. The latest version's software now incorporates the Sound Pad audio editor, which offers sampler functions and a playlist manager feature for a fullyfeatured jingle machine. The Sound Pad module operates completely independently of the MT128 recording and playback workflow, but is fully integrated into its infrastructure (project management, routing, interaction with the Timeline, remote control etc.) Developed as a sample reader, Sound Pad can launch sounds in a multitude of ways - via a touchscreen, MIDI keyboard, Fader Start, GPIO - just like a jingles machine for instant playback. It supports all audio file formats, even audio CDs, and all sampling rates (8kHz - 192kHz) whatever the current sample rate of the audio system.


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