VB-Audio Offering Spectralissime

Real time spectrum analyzer app
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FRANCE�VB-Audio is providing real time audio spectrum analyzation courtesy of its new application, Spectralissime.

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Spectralissime is a 60, 120 or 240 band spectrum analyzer for Windows. It is based on an optimized band pass filter bank and can perform a frequency analysis on the 20 Hz-20 KHz range 10 to 100 times a second. VB-Audio used its previous frequency analyzer engine plug-in as inspiration.

VB-Audio reports that Spectralissime can use any audio device as an audio source and can manage up to 64 I/O on ASIO device. Two channels can be selected, with them being labeled A and B. A signal can also be retrieved from a VBAN stream and then deported to a second computer connected on a local network.

This new application offers different scale in gain (6dBfs, 10dBfs, dB SPL) and frequency representation (decade or octave); it can be used as a measuring tool with a calibrated microphone. It also features an Isophonic Scale to display the isophonic curve and scale in dB SPL. A calibration value can be set to adjust level to any microphone for any acoustic measure.

Spectralissime is available for free download, with a license fee based on user means or usage.