VB-Audio Updates Voicemeeter for Windows Users

New audio API provided for Windows
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ALEXANDRIA, Va.�With the release of the new Voicemeeter version, VB-Audio Software has added a new audio API that will allow Windows developers to utilize the platform.

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By implementing the VB-Audio Callback mechanism, developers are now able to use the Voicemeeter as a virtual audio board.

With the ability to use Voicemeeter, Windows users can now the platform�s audio device aggregation, application interconnection, audio interfaces support, and VBAN protocol to send/receive audio to any computer in a local network. In addition, Voicemeeter Audio Callback provides three possible synchronized streams for input insert, to process audio sources prior to being mixed by Voicemeeter; output insert, to process audio busses before master processing; and main stream, which provides all I/Os.

The company has also announced Voicemeeter Remote API, where developers can join VB-Audio�s forum and test its tools.

The Voicemeeter platform is available as Donationware. Voicemeeter Remote API is free for personal, educational, research and open source projects.