Vipology Launches Two New Products at Radio Show

Vipology AI and Virtuoso make debut
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LOS ANGELES�NAB Radio Show attendees got a double feature fromVipology, as the company premiered two new digital products for radio stations, the Vipology AI and Virtuoso.

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Vipology AI is a digital system that allows stations to gather behavioral research that is designed to support local sales campaigns with real time consumer data. The system can also be utilized to unlock TSL secrets, discover listener preferences and engage with potential ratings respondents.

Meanwhile, Virtuoso by Vipology is a mobile web experience that features a cloud hosting service designed for the needs of broadcasters. A custom WP platform that contains advanced digital features and is supported by 100 percent uptime and availability. Virtuoso offers optimized security, redundancy, DDoS Protection, software management systems, true enterprise publishing and is built on a global cloud network.

The 2016 NAB Radio Show concludes Sept. 23 in Nashville, Tenn.