V-Soft Offers Internet Security Option

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V-Soft Offers Internet Security Option

Aug 25, 2008 1:03 PM

Cedar Falls, IA - Aug 25, 2008 - Loss of data and software is a real concern when a laptop is taken on the road. The loss of a hardware or software key can result in aggravation and financial burden if a software license must be repurchased. To address this, V-Soft has developed a system that allows a user to gain authentication through an online Web server in addition to the physical local or network key. With this option, if a key is stolen or lost, V-Soft would disable the missing key on the Web server and issue a new key with a new number. The replacement cost in this situation would be only the cost of the key (plus shipping and handling) as opposed to the purchase of an additional site license for each program assigned to the misplaced key.

It is important to note that this option requires an Internet connection to open the software, which means this option may not be completely appropriate for those who use the software in the field without Internet connectivity. However, the new system does offer a "grace period" where one can authenticate before leaving the office and the program will continue to work for a few days without new Internet authentications. V-Soft has taken additional measures to increase the stability of the Internet authorization option by implementing two backup servers, in cases where the primary server may not be unavailable.

To migrate to this new security option call V-Soft at 800-743-3684 or e-mail Adam Puls.