V-Soft Updates 30 Meter Terrain Dataset

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CEDAR FALLS, IOWA�FCC recently developed the computer program TVStudy to deal with the upcoming TV auction and re-packing, but it also offers a change to the software related calculation results through the 30 meter resolution terrain data. To generate more accurate matches with the FCC�s results, V-Soft Communications has produced an implementation of the 30 meter terrain dataset that matches what is used by the TVStudy software.

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The new dataset contains more up-to-date data and is optimized to run at a faster pace. The data can also be used to examine Longley-Rice studies and terrain profiles for FM radio and studio to transmitter links.

V-Soft is offering the dataset, with high resolution 30 meter terrain data for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, is available for $2,950. A subset of data for just a single country is available for $2,250.