V-Soft's Implementing Automatic Update to Probe 3

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V-Soft's Implementing Automatic Update to Probe 3

Nov 5, 2007 10:15 AM

V-Soft's Probe 3 program will incorporate an automatic update that will be implemented in two stages. In Probe, there will be a new item under the Help menu allowing a user to set the update settings including the username, password, location of where to save previous versions, and number of backups to keep.

There will be another option allowing a user to check for updates, which will identify update availability, display the updates to the new version, and provide the ability to download and install the update. After the update has been downloaded, the user will receive a successful update confirmation message and the program will restart.

In the second stage of the update, the user will not have to select to download the update; Probe will automatically check for updates when the program is opened, and present the update available window when necessary. Another V-Soft program, FM Commander, also has an automatic update function of both the FM database and the program executable itself.