Wheatstone BLADE 3

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Wheatstone BLADE 3

Jun 19, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, managing editor

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AoIP routing
Wheatstone's new line of BLADE I/O access units add: a built-in multi-band stereo processor for "spot" processing satellite feeds, headphone audio, Web streams or any audio feed routed throughout the network. AES67 compatibility offers interoperability with other AES67-compliant devices and signals into the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. The new BLADEs will interoperate with AES67 devices, which can be configured with the new version of Navigator software containing master clock configuration settings and sync indicators. BLADES also feature more logic, with 128 virtual logic ports per BLADE for triggering, managing and controlling the many feeds that have become standard in radio stations today. Dual OLED displays help the user easily view and change BLADE parameters. Smart associated connections take the hassle out of changing connections between locations, studios or announcers. Operators simply define the link they need (ISDN, studio feed, remote, etc.) and the BLADE can automatically set up a back link for it.

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