Wi-fi Receivers

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Wi-fi Receivers

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM

2006 Product Source

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The first Internet radio appliances offered to the public never found popular acceptance with consumers. Do you remember the Kerbango radio? It appears that the Kerbango was a unit that was ahead of its time. There are now many devices that can play IP audio streams through a wired or wireless connection. Most of these are aimed at the tabletop radio user and provide controls that emulate traditional radio receiver operation. Here are a few that we found.

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Audio networking

SMC Networks North America

EZ-stream SMCWMR-AG: Designed to distribute audio, pictures and streaming video without wires, this device allows users to view multimedia files on networked PCs and listen to Internet radio via a broadband connection. Supporting all the current and emerging wireless standards (802.11 a/b/g), the receiver is seamless to integrate into a wireless network and can access MP3 music, pictures and video without downloading files to a centralized server PC. Connect the receiver to the TV or stereo system via a standard audio/video cable, and load the EZ Installation Wizard for the Media Server Software on each wireless networked PC.

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Network music player


Soundbridge M500: This device plays digital music files by connecting a stereo or powered speakers to the computer's digital music library. Users can listen to a variety of Internet radio stations without turning on the computer. WMA, MP3, AAC, AIFF and WAV music formats are supported. It's network-ready with wired Ethernet or Wi-fi. Apple Rendezvous, Itunes, Windows Media Connect, Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media DRM 10 support make the music player compatible. The LCD 40-character, two-line display shows two lines of text. The unit is 10" wide.

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Audio player


Noxon 2: Listen to an unlimited variety of Internet radio stations from countries around the world or access a MP3 archive from a computer using a wireless network or Ethernet network. Operate this portable jukebox using a remote control or its built-in keyboard. An additional USB 2.0 port provides music diversity: Use it to connect your portable MP3 player, memory sticks or a portable USB 2.0 hard drive containing play lists. Play MP3 and WMA9 audio formats at up to 320kb/s using the UPNP software provided. WEP and WPA encryption support provides secure data transfer from the sender to the receiver.
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Wi-fi radio

C. Crane

Acoustic Energy: Receive Internet radio stations from around the globe. Radio stations are added to this device by using the add-a-station tool. The unit connects via a wireless broadband Internet connection. A stand-alone system, there is no software to load and no set-up operation. The radio automatically uploads available stations and lists them alphabetically by country and category. The system supports Real Media, MP3 and WMA compatible formats.

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Wireless receiver

Slim Devices

Squeezebox: Store music on a PC and access any song from anywhere with this equipment. The receiver features a high fidelity 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC. Digital optical, coax and analog connectors can plug into stereo or amplified speakers. The system supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV and Ogg Vorbis with upgradable firmware. Access several music services like Pandora.com. The receiver features advanced lossless compression technologies and dual internal antennas.