Will-Burt Accessories for Expedition Series

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Will-Burt Accessories for Expedition Series

Jan 10, 2011 11:26 AM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Payload adapter accessories

Designed to increase efficiency and productivity while using The Expedition Series line of portable telescoping masts, these accessories include: EZ Raze, permitting the easy elevation of multiple antennas and equipment via winch and cable system; Rigid Guy Collar, enabling guying at top or mid-level of mast; Swivel Guy Collar, a free rotating four-point guy collar assembly, permitting the azimuth adjustment of the mast head without moving the guy ropes; Cup Holder, enabling mounting of antennas or other devices that have an insulator bar or mounting arm. Accommodates round adapters up to 1.75" OD; NATO Plate, enabling mounting of standard NATO VHF whip antennas with a four-bolt pattern; Bolster Plate, enabling mounting of devices using u-bolts or long bolts; Dual, Tri and Quad Arm Kits, enabling mounting of two, three or four devices to a single mast; Blank Plate, a multi-use adapter plate for field drilled mounting of various bolt patterns; and Stub Adapter, enabling mounting of one device at a top, center position on mast.

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Will-Burt Expedition Series

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