WIOE Capitalizes on Energy Savings With Nautel

When Brian Walsh participated in a remote broadcast, he had no idea his conversations would lead to a new transmitter
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When Brian Walsh of Warsaw, Ind.-based WIOE participated in a remote broadcast at a recycling center last November, he had no idea his conversations would lead to the acquisition of a new energy-efficient transmitter from Nautel.

�During our remote at the Kosciusko County Recycling Depot, we were talking with representatives not only about recycling programs, but other programs where people could get credits for energy efficient purchases,� Brian recalled. �I asked an energy adviser from KREMC, a northern Indiana electric cooperative, whether there are business credits available. She said, �Yes, but you have to apply for them!��

WIOE�s NV5LT FM transmitter features a modular design for redundancy, on-air serviceability and high AC-to-RF efficiency.

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Brian then called on Nautel Sales Engineer Jeff Welton.

�We had been considering a new transmitter, and Nautel was on my short list, so I mentioned the energy grant to Jeff,� Brian said.

�Jeff told me that, between the energy grant and some promotions being offered at the time by Nautel, I could save quite a bit of money.

Brian submitted Jeff�s purchase proposal to the Power Moves program in Indiana, and after a couple months, I received a grant that covered about 10 percent of the transmitter cost!�

WIOE purchased an NV5LT FM transmitter, which features a modular design for redundancy, on-air serviceability and high efficiency. Some of its other features include a streaming input and Livewire capability, on-board instrumentation, Nautel�s Advanced User Interface control system (accessible via IP) and an integral exciter.

Brian reported a smooth installation and easy switch-over from his old Energy-Onix ECO 6.

�The pre-installation and operating manuals are well written and organized by engineers, so the installation was smooth, from start to finish,� he said.

�The efficiency of the NV5LT is as good as Nautel had promised. Even better, the power savings are superb. Our normal usage prior to this installation was 270 kWHs per day. Daily usage now is between 180 and 188 kWHs. The only downside is that I�m now going to have to use our HVAC system to heat the building in the winter� there�s no heat from the Nautel unit!�


Brian recommends that stations contact their local power agency when considering a transmitter purchase to see if energy credits are available � especially if they are considering a highly energy-efficient transmitter.

�The credit we got from Power Moves was significant and helped to offset the cost of this important piece of equipment,� he said. �I hadn�t thought of it until the opportunity was staring me in the face at our remote.�