World Broadcasting Unions Release Digital Radio Reference

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World Broadcasting Unions Release Digital Radio Reference

Nov 14, 2007 12:22 PM

Toronto - Nov 13, 2007 - Established in 1992, The World Broadcasting Unions is the coordinating body for broadcasting unions who represent broadcaster networks around the world. The broadcasting unions who belong to the WBU are the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the Arab States Broadcasting Union, the African Union of Broadcasting, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, the European Broadcasting Union, the International Association of Broadcasting, the North American Broadcasters Association, and the Organizacion de la Television Iberoamericana.

In an effort to track the status of digital radio around the world, the group has created the World Broadcasting Unions Digital Radio Guide to explain digital radio technology and services. The guide was written by the technical experts who work with the systems. The systems covered in the book include Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), Eureka 147, Japan's Digital Radio Broadcasting (ISDB-TSB), HD Radio, World Space, Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, Mobile Broadcasting Corp. and TU Media Corp., and Internet Radio.

Hard copies of the book are available, but it can also be downloaded from the North America Broadcasters Association website: