Worldcast Systems Ecreso Extends Transmitter Warranty to 10 Years

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Worldcast Systems Ecreso Extends Transmitter Warranty to 10 Years

Mar 13, 2013 8:00 AM

Bordeaux-Merignac, France - Mar 13, 2013 - Ecreso/WorldCast Systems has extended the warranty on it Helios FM transmitters to 10 years. Ecreso notes that most transmitter warranties typically cover a maximum of five years.

The 10-year warranty is currently available with all compact FM transmitters supported by a minimum of one year's subscription to the company's proactive maintenance service, EMR (Expert Maintenance Reporting). EMR delivers regular reports on the status of key parameters such as temperature, current, voltage and on the performance and lifespan of components such as the fan and power supply of the transmitter. With detailed logging and trend analysis, EMR can identify slow-burning problems and issue warnings well in advance to allow for corrective action to be taken, further enhancing the reliability of the system. The EMR costs less than $500.

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