WorldCast Systems Releases Ecreso Software Feature

Adds digital, multi-band sound processor to FM transmitter
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MIAMI�The Ecreso FM Transmitter from WorldCast System is getting a new software version. The new feature will provide a digital, multi-band sound processor with two levels of processing available. The systems wide-band version features a gated AGC, an improved FM Limiter and an MPX Power Limiter; the multi-band version offers a full processing chain with stereo enhancement, five-band processing, five-band limiters, HF and final limiters.

The digital audio processor is hosted within the direct-to-frequency digital modulator of the Ecreso FM transmitter range. The signal is processed from audio to RF in a single digital step. The audio processor also comes with a full set of presets for different formats and requirements like maximum transparency, high loudness and sonic signature settings. Control is integrated with the Ecreso�s web interface, while Vu-meters are available to show the status of the multi-band processor chain in real time.

An additional feature of the software update is the Scheduler function, which enables users to schedule specific audio preset changes on date and time. Any transmitter setting can also be scheduled from program sources to RF power.

WorldCast will offer the new audio processor software feature on new units and as an upgrade to many Ecreso FM transmitters currently in the field.

WorldCast Systems will showcase the new audio processor at the 2017 NAB Show at its booth N8924.