Hip Hop Fans Tuning to Europe, Africa

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RadioTime, Inc.’s new ranking of the top hip hop radio stations among its users finds fans exploring well beyond the United States’ borders to find new music and on-air personalities. Stations airing in five different countries and broadcasting in five different languages are some of the most popular. RadioTime has released its first-ever Top 19 Hip Hop Stations list, and New York's Hot 97 takes the top spot. The list features stations across the U.S., Western Europe and even a couple in Africa. There are also a few Internet-only stations, such as sixth-ranked 181.FM The Beat. Visit the RadioTime blog for more information: http://inside.radiotime.com/ RadioTime.com's Top 19 Hip Hop Stations1 WQHT-FM Hot 97.1 (New York City)2 Sky Rock FM - 96.0 FM (Paris, France)3 Choice FM - 107.1 FM (London, U.K.)4 KXOL-FM 96.3 (Los Angeles, Calif.)5 Homeboyz Radio - 91.5 FM (Nairobi, Kenya)6 181.FM The Beat (Internet stream)7 Kiss 100 FM (London, U.K.) 8 DWAV-FM Wave 89.1(Manila, Philippines)9 Ado 97.8 FM (Paris, France)10 WKYS-FM 93.9 (Wash., D.C.)11 WPGC-FM 95.5 (Wash., D.C.)12 Hot 108 Jamz (Internet stream)13 BBC Radio 1XTRA (London, U.K.)14 WVEE-FM103.3 (Atlanta, Ga.)15 WBBM-FM 96.3 (Chicago, Ill.)16 1Club.FM (Internet stream)17 KMIH-FM 88.9 (Seattle, Wash.)18 Capital FM-FM 98.4 (Nairobi, Kenya)19 WPOW-FM 96.5 (Miami, Fla.)