Symetrix Now Shipping Airtools Multiband Processor 2m

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - JANUARY 2010: Symetrix, a leading provider of audio processing solutions for the commercial, broadcast, and pro audio markets, announces the availability of the AirTools Multiband Processor 2m, which marshals the power and innovation of the company's DSP solutions to meet the very specific needs of broadcast professionals. The inclusion and easy configuration of every necessary DSP module optimizes broadcast audio for dramatic improvements in tone, intelligibility, and intensity. The Multiband Processor 2m hardware implementation is robust, allowing for multiple audio connections across all of the most widely-used interconnect protocols, with minimum latency, wide dynamic range, and extremely low distortion.Easily-configurable floating-point DSP modules include: programmable filters, phase rotator, de-esser, downward expander, broadband automatic gain control (AGC), eight-band parametric equalizer, four-way programmable crossover, four-band multiband compressor and limiter, stereo image enhancer, acoustic environment simulator, clipper, and alignment delay, among others. Inputs and outputs consist of dual-balanced analog lines or AES3 digital lines configurable for stereo, mono, MS encode, or MS decode operating modes. Word clock input, Ethernet, RS-485, and user-configurable audio input failover complete the back panel array. "The AirTools Multiband Processor 2m is state-of-the-art in broadcast chain signal processing," asserted Paul Roberts, director of sales and marketing at Symetrix. "We have leveraged our expertise via the Symetrix and SymNet brands to develop the ultimate toolkit for broadcast engineers. The Multiband Processor 2m optimizes sound quality for AM/FM/TV program audio, satellite uplink & ingest, headphone air chain simulation, Internet streaming, alternate language programming, live performance 'mastering,' microwave links, and Telco/VoIP feeds & returns - along with other applications!"The AirTools Multiband Processor 2m is easy to program using a wizard-driven Windows application, which is free to download and test drive from the Multiband Processor 2m product page. Up to fifty user-defined and factory presets can be recalled from the front panel, a network computer, or an optional hardware controller. In addition, preset loading can be synchronized automatically via an onboard event scheduler, allowing an engineer to tailor the signal processing to program material and/or the character of the host's voice.ABOUT SYMETRIX For over three decades, sound system designers, broadcasters and sound engineers have relied upon the performance, value and reliability of the Symetrix suite of audio routing and processing products.Symetrix continues to set the benchmark in sound quality, and user-friendly control interfaces, while providing legendary reliability hand in hand with our commitment to non-stop innovation.You'll love the ease of doing business with our incredible team of audio and business professionals, who excel in their commitment to serve our customers at the highest level from start to finish, again and again.Innovative Audio Routing and Processing Solutions - Engineered by SymetrixFor more information on professional audio products from Symetrix, SymNet, Lucid and AirTools please call (425) 778-7728 or refer to websites,,,,,, and following terms are trademarks (tm) of Symetrix Inc., Symetrix(tm), AirTools(tm), SymNet(tm), Lucid(tm), all rights to these trademarks reserved.

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