iZotope ANR-B Setting New Standards for Dialog Quality

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From the GRAMMY’s to Survivor, iZotope’s Adaptive Real-time Noise Reduction Unit is at home in the broadcast booth, remote truck, and live studio audienceNAB – Las Vegas – Since the introduction of ANR-B™, iZotope’s adaptive real-time noise reduction hardware, iZotope has been steadily setting new standards of audio quality in various broadcast applications and winning fans along the way.ANR-B automatically identifies and removes broadband and tonal noise from dialog in real-time, making it ideal for the demands of live broadcast, live to tape reality TV, and call–in programs, live sound reinforcement, forensics, among other challenging applications. With the choice of completely automatic operation or a lightning-fast "Learn" mode, mixers can deal with noise issues more quickly than ever before, leaving them free to focus on the task at hand. Live TV BroadcastBroadcast Production Engineer Tom Holmes chose ANR-B for real-time noise reduction on the live TV broadcast of the 2010 GRAMMY Awards. Using the unit’s Adapt Mode, Holmes simply inserted the unit on the Dialog buss of his console. “It did a great job of both losing the fan noise from all the LED screens and Varilites, as well as help with the room's reverb tails coming back into the mic,�? said Holmes. “I could have pushed it farther, and reduced more noise, but I didn't really want to make the dialog sound out of context with the room's size.�?Live Sound ReinforcementBill Daly, Live Sound Mix engineer for shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeapodary! has recently adopted ANR-B iZotope’s to assist in sound reinforcement for live studio audiences. “Noise is all around us, and it interrupts conversations, ruins recordings, and causes intelligibility problems and an overall unpleasant user experience,�? explains Daly. “ANR-B works dynamically and without user-interaction to automatically detect noise and eliminate it. Other noise reduction techniques fail when background noise changes, but the ANR-B adapts instantly to keep audio crystal clear.�?Radio Location ReportingWGBH Boston is America's preeminent public broadcasting producer, the source of one-third of PBS's prime-time lineup and many public radio favorites. WGBH Boston's new state of the art production facility has used ANR-B on incoming audio sources from remote locations on The World. “At WGBH Radio, our reporters and guests are often interviewed in war zones and some of the most remote locations on Earth,�? says Ray Fallon, Engineer at WGBH. “These places are only accessible by phone line, ISDN and satellite phone, leading to audio quality that is far below the standard for our award winning news radio programs. ANR-B reliably and quickly removes ambient and path noise automatically, allowing us to focus on getting the interview completed instead of fiddling with controls to get usable audio.�?TV Call-in Program Airing live conversations from around the country, The Christian Broadcast Network's 700 Club Interactive depends on people communicating with the hosts by phone, Skype, and satellite. CBN’s studio handles these variable inputs with ANR-B. “It gave us encouragement that we could make the audio much better automatically,�? explains Phil Peters, Director of Audio, Broadcast Operations for The Christian Broadcast Network. “As soon as we inserted ANR-B into the signal chain, all the mixers noticed a big difference with the in-bound audio. The noise floor was much lower and perceived intelligibility was greater. The best thing is that the mixers don't have to do anything as the show moves from one in-bound source to another. The unit just adapts and improves our audio automatically.�?Video Post ProductionTerry Dwyer, Chief Engineer and Supervising Re-Recording Mixer at Wild Woods Inc., has adopted ANR-B to rescue recorded dialog for Survivor and other shows. “On CBS Survivor, ANR-B reduced the most stubborn noise source of all, water, without artifacts,�? explains Dwyer. “It allowed us to retrieve whispered lines that were lost in the surf in an astounding fashion and eliminated the need to title the lines. ANR-B dramatically improves the catch-as-you-can elevated noise-floors that are common in this type of material.�?For more information and other inquiries contact:Bruce BartoneDirector of Pro Audio SalesiZotope, Inc.sales@izotope.com857.318.1727

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iZotope Sets Future Product Focus

Dedicated to improving customer experience, company makes strategic moves to support both Music Production and Audio Post Production      Cambridge, MA - iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, today announced its strategic decision to divide the current iZotope product line into two distinct families of products, one focused on Music Production and the other on Audio Post Production.