Danley Iintroduces Weatherproof Molded, Synergy Horns at Infocomm

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GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA - APRIL 2010: Danley Sound Labs, a manufacturer of innovative loudspeakers and subwoofers of uncommon fidelity, SPL, and directivity, announces the introduction of two new molded horn loudspeakers - the SM-60M and SM-60F - at InfoComm 2010. Both units feature Tom Danley's patent-pending synergy horn technology. The SM-60F delivers full-range content, whereas the SM-60M delivers mid- and high-frequency content only. The units are similar in spirit to Danley's flagship SH-50 full-range loudspeaker, but use fewer drivers and are constructed of molded plastic, making the stock units completely weatherproof (other Danley loudspeakers and subwoofers can be special ordered with weatherproofing at additional cost). Danley has priced the SM-60M and SM-60F to compete favorably with competitive molded horns, even though the Danley designs offer dramatically greater fidelity and directivity. "I am extremely pleased with the way the SM boxes turned out," said inventor Tom Danley. "Instead of the four mid-range drivers used in the SH-50, the SM boxes use either one or two drivers. The virtues of the Synergy Horn technology are evident, including high-fidelity even at high SPL, directivity, and arrayability. The remarkably low price point, combined with the fact that they are weatherproof, will make these units very elegant solutions to a variety of sound reinforcement problems."The SM-60M uses just one 5-inch coaxial driver, whereas the SM-60F adds two 8-inch woofers to that design. The SM-60M measures flat to within 3 dB from 270 Hz to 15 kHz. The SM-60F does the same to within 4 dB from 66 Hz to 24 kHz. Coverage patterns for both are 60-deg by 60-deg with both outputting approximately 125 dB continuous and 128 dB program. The SM-60M's input power ratings are 250 W continuous and 500 W program, whereas the SM-60F rates 800 W continuous and 1600 W program.Noted Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs, "These two molded horns are breakthrough products for us. The quality of performance and versatility, coupled with price, opens the market for those who may of thought they couldn't afford Danley speakers. Well, now everyone can afford our horns and all I have to say is that once you hear them, you'll want to spec them into your next project."Both units are extremely lightweight and compact. The SM-60M is 45 lbs, and the SM-60F adds only 5 lbs. to that. Both are 20 5/8" x 20 5/8" x 16 1/4" with two NL4MP connectors. MSRP's: SM-60F $2,590.00 • SM-60M $2,120.00ABOUT DANLEY SOUND LABS Danley Sound Labs is the exclusive home of Tom Danley, one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry today and recognized worldwide as a pioneer for "outside the box" thinking in professional audio technology. www.danleysoundlabs.comSEE US AT INFOCOMM BOOTH #C7488 AND HEAR THE NEW DANLEY MOLDED HORNS IN DEMO ROOM N 108