RFO Extends Its Partnership With Netia

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CLARET, France -- Aug. 31, 2010 -- NETIA today announced that RFO (Réseau France Outre-mer, or France Overseas Network), part of the France Television Group, has signed an agreement engaging NETIA to develop a new IP Mosaic system along with a custom system for synchronization of audio and video content across servers at multiple sites. The new IP Mosaic system created by NETIA will allow RFO staff in Paris to view, all at once and on a single screen, the complete flow of video from each of RFO's nine production sites, located in Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte, Reunion Island, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and French Polynesia."Over the years, we have built a strong and successful relationship with NETIA, as the company's solutions continue to help us expand our business with intention and intelligence," said Christian Augereau, technical director at RFO. "We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our efficiency across our broadly distributed operations, and it was a natural decision to engage NETIA in further enhancing our media management capabilities. The company excels in meeting the unique demands of our business." RFO already has integrated NETIA's media asset management (MAM) system with acquisition, production, automation, and storage applications across its Paris headquarters and nine regional centers to store and enrich audio, video, and still images and subsequently facilitate the publishing of content through various delivery platforms. Now, media assets on servers across RFO production sites will be synchronized through automatic replication, and NETIA's software suite will provide staff with the tools to search and browse the content stored on these multiple servers.NETIA MAM manages storage, consultation, indexing, segmenting, and repurposing of content, referencing all types of objects, files, and physical media. Through the system's Web-based interface, authorized users can identify all copies of a given media asset, regardless of version, format, or location, and view them over the Internet in JPEG, GIF, Real, and Windows Media(R) formats or over an intranet in any format. Even as it centralizes media enterprisewide, the solution also supports the building of media databases according to content type or use.One of the most advanced television and radio networks in the world, RFO distributes 17 television channels from its head office in Paris to French-speaking territories located tens of thousands of kilometers from one another. The broadcaster's regional production facilities are connected by satellite and ADSL to support the exchange of programs and news (both radio and TV) in real time."In building out its production and media-sharing capabilities across numerous sites, RFO has taken a very forward-looking approach to media management," said Yoann Poizeau, product director at NETIA. "The IP Mosaic system extends the company's flexibility in working with assets, despite the distances that separate RFO production sites and media storage systems."More information about NETIA and its products is available at www.netia.com. # # #About NETIA NETIA, a GlobeCast company, is a leading provider of software solutions that enable efficient management and delivery of content to today's full array of media platforms. Relied on by more than 10,000 users in 200 installations in more than 40 countries, NETIA solutions allow content producers and owners to manage content from ingest to delivery, targeting multiplatform outlets including the Internet, VOD, IPTV services, and mobile devices.NETIA provides content management solutions to major radio and television brands and multimedia groups around the world, and recent wins have made the company a significant new player in the Telco market, as well. Clients include BSkyB, RAI Italy, Radio Riyadh, France Telecom/Orange, RTM Malaysia, Mediacorp Singapore, Radio France, the Associated Press, France Televisions, and L'Équipe 24/24. NETIA has its headquarters in France, with offices in the United States, Paris, Rome, and Sydney, in addition to a global network of professional distribution partners. www.netia.com ENDS