RadioTime Acquires TuneIn Internet Radio iPhone App, Hires Developer

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RadioTime, Inc., the world’s leading provider of applications for finding and listening to radio online, today announced that it has acquired the TuneIn Internet radio iPhone application, the best-selling and highest rated Internet radio application for the iPhone and iTouch. RadioTime has also hired the man who created the TuneIn application to oversee the development of RadioTime’s iPhone and future iPad applications for consumer and powered-by customers. In less than a year, more than 700,000 iPhone and iTouch owners have purchased the $1.99 TuneIn app. TuneIn features the RadioTime directory of AM/FM and online-only radio stations airing in 140 countries and broadcasting in 55 different languages. TuneIn was the first Internet radio application to turn the iPhone or iTouch into a DVR for radio. Users can pause, rewind and record live radio programs, and search for music and programs by the names of artists or on-air personalities, specific songs, station call letters and genre. Other features include using the iPhone’s GPS or WiFi capabilities to automatically detect local stations no matter where the user travels.“I have realized the dream many independent apps developers share of having my app become a best-seller on iTunes, which is very difficult considering there are more than 225,000 apps and counting available for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch,�? said Ben Alexander, who developed the TuneIn app. “Partnering with RadioTime and being able to leverage its technology provided me with a significant advantage over the ever-growing number of Internet radio and streaming music apps, and I’m excited about the opportunity to join the company and work on bringing Internet radio to a wide variety of mobile, automotive and connected in-home media players, televisions and sound systems.�?According to a recent study by J.D. Power & Associates, 20 percent of smart phone owners use their devices to listen to music in their cars, and 40 percent plan to do so in the future.[1]“An ever-growing number of our users are now accessing Internet radio on their smart phones, using their headphones, connecting to a docking station and plugging into their car stereos,�? said Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime. “Adding the TuneIn application to the line-up of our own and partners’ mobile apps, along with the expertise Ben brings to our team, brings our customers and partners a significant competitive advantage.�?Pricing and AvailabilityThe RadioTime TuneIn internet radio application is available now on the iTunes App Store for a one-time cost $1.99. There is no subscription fee.

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