RadioTime Releases New Song Search Technology

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RadioTime, Inc., a developer of technology for finding and listening to radio online, launches its new Song Search technology today. This allows users to quickly search and listen to radio stations currently airing or will soon air a specific song or artist. The technology helps listeners discover new radio stations to add to their station presets. The technology also provides suggestions of stations that are likely to play a similar song, artist and music genre. Song Search is available on, RadioTime's family of TuneIn mobile apps and widgets and RadioTime-powered products for home and automobile entertainment systems. Song Search collects information of thousands of songs currently playing and makes it available to users in real time. That information is also used to create historical playlists for specific radio stations and DJs. This lets users to search for songs playing live now or for stations and DJs likely to play artist or song titles. “Song Search is the first technology that allows users to search for historical and real-time radio—both terrestrial and Internet-only stations,�? said Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime. “Beyond simply searching by broad genres of music, finding specific songs also gives users the ability to discover music, artists and stations that fit their tastes. It's a whole new way of discovering the unique programs and personalities only radio can offer — as opposed to using streamed, sterilized playlists.�?RadioTime also provides an open API so developers of music applications and widgets can offer the capability to provide users with suggestions for stations based on artists or songs in their own music libraries.RadioTime users can search more than 60,000 radio stations to find where their favorite songs and artists are playing. As they find songs and stations they like, they can create presets to customize their experience and remember what they’ve found. They can also share those findings with other users on RadioTime’s TuneIn Facebook page and on