Obedia Moves To Nashville, Appoints Murphy CEO

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Training and support pioneers take up residence in Music City with co-founder Jayce Murphy at the helmNashville, TN (December 1, 2010) – OBEDIA, a leading provider of technology training and support, has moved its headquarters to Nashville, having established a solid base within the music and post-audio industry over the past 6 years in Los Angeles. Moving with the company is newly named CEO Jayce Murphy, who will be tasked with further developing support services as well as overseeing third party integration of OBEDIA’s enterprise management system.“OBEDIA was born out of the need for a more effective way to service complex technology and has evolved into an educational and training resource for those making and producing music with computer hardware and software,�? said co-founder and newly appointed CEO Jayce Murphy. “The move to Nashville puts us in a better position to work closely with its vibrant music community, which has embraced technology in producing music known throughout the world. As CEO, I’m looking forward to expanding on our success and to bring service and support into the next generation.�? OBEDIA provides training, technical support, and consultancy services for music and audio technology as well as post-sale technical support services and contract labor to some of the top companies in the music and audio industry. Covering everything from installation of software and hardware, system optimization and customization, to in-depth “how-to�? training, OBEDIA is a one-stop solution for any computer recording system, regardless of the size, equipment, or brands involved. In its first 6 years, the company has served more than 10,000 customers directly and partnered with notable music companies such as Avid/Euphonix, Sony Pictures Digital Authoring Center, AMD, The Grammy Foundation, Synthax and TC Electronic.OBEDIA has also developed an Enterprise Case Management System (ECMS) a licensed, turnkey, application based on the same customer service application OBEDIA uses in its daily operation. It is a state of the art case management and customer service system built specifically for technical support and client management for the audio industry. Murphy will oversee the expansion and integration of ECMS into third party applications such as the recently announced partnership with Xchange Market Corporation and their Xchange Market Platform (XMP) digital delivery system.Murphy will utilize his extensive technical and operational background to lead the company into its next phase, focused heavily on digital support and delivery systems while fellow co-founder Fred Maher will maintain the company’s current presence in Los Angeles with a focus on the audio-post community.For more information, visit www.obedia.com or call 323-319-4051.

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EastWest Appoints Dinshah Sanjana Vice President of Sales

Hollywood, CA - EastWest, the industry leader in virtual instruments, has appointed Dinshah Sanjana to their executive team as Vice President of Sales. Sanjana will head the strategic development of EastWest and its international distributor and dealer network.

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To Success with Five Star Music Makeover

The independent artist's guide for singers, songwriters, bands, producers, and self-publishers  - In order to achieve success in today's music industry, artists must first do a great deal of work on their own. Learning the required skills can take years of real-life experience, and hiring personal coaches, studio professionals, and consultants can be costly. But now, for the first time, there's an invaluable resource to help them meet these challenges.

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EASTWEST PLAY 5: The Fastest, Most Powerful Version To Date

Plus, PLAY 5 is bundled with an impressive amount of high-end bonus production toolsHollywood, CA (September 13, 2016) - EastWest proudly announces the 5th version of PLAY, boasting a major performance upgrade. PLAY 5 is the fastest version to date with dramatically improved load times thanks to an optimized engine.