Harris Supports ACC Tests at Alaska Public Broadcasting

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Harris announces that it is supporting Alaska Public Broadcasting tests for improving AM transmitter efficiency through Adaptive Carrier Control, a technique used to reduce power consumption. The company has also engaged with the FCC to open the possibility that more U.S. broadcasters can evaluate this green technology moving forward. The Harris Adaptive Carrier Control (ACC) system is capable of several power reduction algorithm operations. These include Dynamic Carrier Control (DCC), which employs many power saving curves; and Amplitude Modulation Companding (AMC), which also yields energy savings. Together, DCC and AMC efficiencies within the Harris ACC system can potentially reduce operating costs by up to 35 percent. Harris has been providing ACC systems to international customers since the launch of the Super Power DX® AM transmitter in 1993. Alaska Public Broadcasting is testing the Harris ACC system within its operational Harris DX10 transmitters, taking advantage of an experimental license obtained from the FCC. The Harris ACC system can also be used in Harris 3DX® and DAX™ AM transmitters, for both new and existing installations.