Audio-Technica 2011 NAB Press Kit

Publish date: HOLDS PRESENTATIONS BY INDUSTRY VETERANS AT NAB Audio-Technica (booth C1717), a leading innovator in microphone and headphone technology, is holding a series of informative audio demonstration and instruction events during NAB 2011 at the company’s booth, C1717. More...AUDIO-TECHNICA OFFERS THE AT2022 X/Y STEREO CONDENSER MICROPHONEAudio-Technica (booth C1717) offers its AT2022 X/Y Stereo Condenser Microphone. A dual-element condenser microphone designed for stereo recording, the AT2022 features two unidirectional condenser capsules in an X/Y configuration pivot to allow for 90-degree (narrow) or 120-degree (wide) stereo operation for extremely versatile pickup. The capsules also fold flat for storage and transportation. It is designed for general stereo recording, as well as field sound capture. More...AUDIO-TECHNICA DISPLAYS BP893 HEADWORN MicroEarset MICROPHONEAudio-Technica (booth C1717) is displaying its BP893 MicroEarset Omnidirectional Condenser Headworn Microphone. With its ergonomically molded earpiece and unobtrusive one-inch boom, the BP893 offers inconspicuous placement along with clear, consistent voice pickup. Its extended frequency response provides natural sound reproduction, and its lightweight low-profile design and ease of use make the microphone ideal for use in theatrical performances, houses of worship and broadcast studios. More...AUDIO-TECHNICA OFFERS SPECTRAPULSE® MTU301 BODY-PACK TRANSMITTERAudio-Technica (booth C1717) is exhibiting its SpectraPulse® mtu301 Body-Pack Transmitter. The mtu301 allows presenters the flexibility to clearly transmit audio as they move throughout the entire SpectraPulse coverage area. By simply plugging in a lavalier or headworn microphone to the mtu301, users can now be free to untether an onstage performance, leave a podium or walk away from a conference table, further expanding the performance for Audio-Technica’s award-winning SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system. A completely new application of UWB technology, SpectraPulse offers secure wireless operation for the installed sound market, free from RF competition, frequency coordination and “white space�? issues. More...AUDIO-TECHNICA DISPLAYS ES963 THREE-ELEMENT MULTIDIRECTIONAL BOUNDARY MICROPHONEAudio-Technica (booth C1717), a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 45 years, displays the ES963 Three-Element Multidirectional Boundary Microphone, part of its award-winning, contractor-exclusive Engineered Sound® line. The ES963 is designed for surface-mount applications such as high-quality sound reinforcement, conferencing, professional recording, television and other demanding sound pickup applications in the installed sound and sound contracting markets. The microphone provides full, efficient and flexible coverage of large table areas, giving users a more streamlined mic setup. More...