Korg 2011 Musikmesse Press Kit

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http://www.clynemedia.com/korg/Musikmesse_2011/index.htmlKORG MONOTRIBE FEATURES ANALOG SYNTH & DRUMSOne year ago, Korg (Halle 3.0, Stand B62 [Main Booth]/Stand A71 [Soundproof Demo Room]) re-entered the world of analog synthesis with their popular palm-sized Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer. Today, Korg once again takes up the analog banner with the Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station. In addition to analog synthesis, monotribe brings together intuitive ease of use and a three-part discrete analog rhythm section, plus the appeal of Korg’s Electribe-style pattern sequencing. Complete with built-in speakers and battery power, monotribe is self-contained and highly portable. More...KORG UNVEILS ITS MMA130 MOBILE MONITOR AMPLIFIERKorg (Halle 3.0, Stand B62 [Main Booth]/Stand A71 [Soundproof Demo Room]) unveils its new MMA130 Mobile Monitor Amplifier. MMA130 offers practical, portable features for a variety of performance scenarios. Designed to complement Korg’s acclaimed Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer and several other popular Korg products, the MMA130 allows solo artists, DJs, keyboardists, vocalist-percussionists and small groups to plug and play anywhere, thanks to multiple inputs, AC or battery power and the ability to also power a Wavedrum or other instruments. The rear panel features a DC9V output jack that can provide power to one of a number of Korg instruments, creating a complete, truly portable setup. More...KORG ADDS PORTABLE WAVEDRUM MINIKorg (Halle 3.0, Stand B62 [Main Booth]/Stand A71 [Soundproof Demo Room]) has borrowed technology from their popular Wavedrum series to create the Wavedrum Mini. Completely self-contained, the Wavedrum Mini provides a playable pad, speaker, sounds, effects, patterns and a loop recorder, as well as a Sensor Clip to transform any object into a second sound source. More...KORG REVEALS PC-1 “PITCH CLIP�? GUITAR AND BASS TUNERKorg (Halle 3.0, Stand B62 [Main Booth]/Stand A71 [Soundproof Demo Room]) has expanded their popular clip-on tuner lineup with the ultra-light PC-1 Pitch Clip. This new model is a chromatic, clip-on tuner with a new low-profile design and a high-visibility display. More...