David Crowder *Band Takes Sennheiser Along for its Final Nationwide Tour

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Old Lyme, Conn. � August 15, 2011 � As the David Crowder*Band (DC*B) wraps up the remaining festival dates, conferences and one-off performances on its current tour, the band looks forward to embarking on what is likely to be its final tour as a band this fall. Audio specialist Sennheiser will be along for each of the remaining shows, which are on track to selling out to capacity. For the last several years, DC*B has relied on Sennheiser wireless systems and microphones for outstanding sound quality for both vocals and instruments throughout its touring operation. In what is to be its final year as a band, 2011 has already seen DC*B nominated for a Grammy. The band let loose during its live performances so far this year, playing sets in excess of two hours of lesser-known material in smaller, more intimate venues. No matter what size venue the band plays, their collection of Sennheiser microphones and wireless systems helps the band''s sound remain true �- both to themselves and hundreds of thousands of fans. Sennheiser Microphones � from Alpha to Omega The band relies primarily on the Sennheiser 900 series microphones � both on instruments and vocals. Rob Albert, tour operations manager for DC*B, appreciates not only their durability, but more importantly their sound: "Our live package consists primarily of the Sennheiser e 901, e 902, e 904, e 905, 906, e 914s, e 935 and e 965 wired microphones, but we also use the MD 421 II and the MD 441. The tone on everything is just great.�

From Albert''s perspective, the 900 series is an outstanding choice on drums: �We''ve used other competitive mics on kick drums before the e 902, and you'd never know if they were going to work or not. They had external cabling, and the e902 is all internal and more durable,� Albert says. �On the snare drum, we use an MD 441 on the top and either an e 905 or e 904 on the bottom, and are using the e904s on the toms. These clip right on the toms and you don't have to worry about it � the tone that comes from them has no coloration and is extremely crisp and accurate.� For drum overheads, they use a pair of Sennheiser e 914s. �We work with professionals who are very on top of their tone. With all these mics, we are getting exactly what the guys are putting out and people notice,� Albert remarks. This also applies to guitar cabinets -� including the cabinet for the violin �- on which they use Sennheiser e 906s, which Albert says delivers an accurate representation of what is coming out the amplifiers�in both in-ear mixes and through the main PA system. On vocals, the entire band is using e 935s. �Each of the vocalists is comfortable with these, and they help deliver overall consistency to the mix,� he says. Counting on Sennheiser wireless, night after night Not only does DC*B rely on a robust microphone package from Sennheiser, but the band also counts on Sennheiser wireless personal monitor systems. �A couple of years ago, we went from another brand of transmitters/receivers into the Sennheiser G2 series and there was a huge improvement in tonal quality and reception,� Albert recalls. �Just in the last few months, we moved up to the G3 series and the guys have been really happy -- they get the gain and the clarity they want each and every night. We''ve never had a problem with RF and we''ve been able to find frequencies for everybody. The quality and durability of Sennheiser has made fans out of everyone in the DC*B. �Night after night, when we pull a microphone or IEM package out, we know it's going to work and we know what it's going to sound like,� Albert concludes. �Night after night the stuff works and it sounds exactly like it supposed to and we are happy with it. Everything we are using -- microphone or RF or hardwired -- is all Sennheiser because we believe in it and trust it.�