Harris Boosts ACC+ Efficiency for AM Broadcasters

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Harris is helping AM broadcasters significantly reduce average power consumption and operating costs with its next-generation Adaptive Carrier Control Plus (ACC+) systems. Harris has been providing ACC systems to international customers since the launch of the Super Power DX AM transmitter in 1993, with subsequent updates for ACC+ systems. Harris engaged with the FCC to authorize use of ACC/ACC+ technology in the U.S. earlier this year following a successful trial with Alaska Public Broadcasting. Harris also did extensive testing to validate ACC and ACC+ viability for HD Radio broadcasting on the AM dial.Harris is now leveraging its PowerSmart� technology, first deployed in its latest DTV UHF/VHF and FM transmitters, for its next-generation ACC+ systems -- producing up to a 35-percent reduction in energy use for AM broadcasters. Harris PowerSmart technology leverages green technology to increase power density, reduce footprint, and improve reliability through simpler designs and better operational efficiency. Harris ACC+ systems work within Harris DX�, 3DX� and DAX� AM transmitters in analog, HD Radio or DRM, whether new or operational at AM stations today. Harris ACC+ technology is compatible with Dynamic Carrier Control (DCC or DAM) and Amplitude Modulation Companding (AMC) algorithms for power reduction.

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