Canadian Broadcasting Vancouver Taps Jampro for High-Power FM Antenna System

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Sacramento, CA -- Jampro Antennas, headquartered in Sacramento, California, was awarded a contract by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to supply a high-power FM antenna system to provide very specific directional coverage of the Vancouver, British Columbia DMA. Broadcasting from a tower atop 4,754 foot high Mount Seymour, a Jampro model JAHD Arrowhead Dipole panel antenna will provide the CBC with above average pattern stability and axial control so as not to interfere with adjacent U.S. border stations. �This JAHD system provides the power and specific coverage that CBC requires, but also the sustainability to survive an extremely harsh mountain environment compounded by heavy winter icing of the Pacific Maritime climate,� said Alex M. Perchevitch, president of Jampro. In addition to the 100kw JAHD FM panel antenna, Jampro provided an equipment package consisting of a high power Jampro RCCC constant impedance combiner to combine 5 frequencies, along with an RCPU patch panel/ power splitter system, Jampro Proline rigid transmission line and related RF accessories. The JAHD is designed for Bands I, II (FM), and III and is easily adaptable for multi-station use. The antenna can be config�ured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns. By using op�tional beam tilt and null fill, the elevation pattern can be shaped to maximize coverage. The design of this circularly polarized antenna may be configured to include varying levels of vertical polarization, with results ranging from small amounts of elliptical polarization to full circular polarization. Jampro''s RCCC FM Constant Impedance Combiner family has a compact modular design that can be configured to fit into the smallest transmitter rooms. A simple modular design allows the easy addition of frequencies as needed. These combiners use temperature compensated Bandpass Filters which have an integrated heat sink top. This keeps filters cool and locked on frequencies.The Jampro RCPU is a low effort patch panel with rock-solid connection and low insertion loss. No tools are needed to make patch, rather a positive lock mechanism assures quick and easy re-direction of the RF signal path. It''s ideal for patching RF feeds to emergency antenna, alternate main/auxiliary transmitter, filter by-pass, master station combiner re-route and test point insertion. It is available in several sizes, with optional signal flow indicator panel, dual line power splitter and/or power measuring/VSWR.The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Soci�t� Radio-Canada), commonly known as CBC and officially as CBC/Radio-Canada, is a Canadian crown corporation that serves as the national public radio and television broadcaster. Radio-Canada is the national French-language broadcast arm of the corporation. About JamproJampro Antennas Inc., established to answer the need for quality broadcast systems at a reasonable price, is a leading supplier of antennas, combiners & filters and RF components for every application in the broadcast industry. Reputed for innovation and customization, Jampro builds each system to the specifications of the individual broadcaster. From the first system delivered in 1954 to those installed today, the Company is committed to consistent performance and quality founded on solid engineering. Today, over 25,000 broadcasters worldwide benefit from the quality and performance provided by Jampro systems. Additional information on JAMPRO can be obtained at contact: Sonia Del Castillo916-383-1177 � Sonia@jampro.comPress Contact: Desert Moon CommunicationsHarriet Diener �

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