Are You A Professional Musician or Talented Composer? Help Xhail Find You.

Xhail, the next generation of production music, is currently recruiting talented composers and professional musicians for publishing deals that provide real income opportunities licensing music for TV, film, video, advertising, video game and other media productions.
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Let your music make money for you with next generation publishing platform.

Los Angeles, CA (May 19, 2015) � Xhail, the next generation of production music, is currently recruiting talented composers and professional musicians for publishing deals that provide real income opportunities licensing music for TV, film, video, advertising, video game and other media productions.

�Xhail technology is a bridge between professional music creators and customers,� said Mick Kiely, CEO of Xhail. �Composers need to sell their music and customers need music for their productions. Xhail is the solution for both as it creates a new income stream for composers and gives customers a fast and flexible way to incorporate professional music into their media productions � a true win-win.�

Xhail introduces a new model for production music. In the past, customers would sift through endless stock music library files searching for the right style, length, fit, feel, instrumentation, and arrangement for their media production. This could be a long, tedious, and expensive task with little control over the final product.

"Xhail is a fantastic piece of software that really bridges work flows between the visual and musical mediums,� says Alex Sherwood, Director at Giant Animation.

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With Xhail, music compositions are deconstructed into �stems� or parts, which the technology matches to descriptive tags input by the customer to create a unique musical cue. The customer can then freely exchange parts, add or subtract parts, arrange and mix the piece, and sync it to video, all in real-time through an easy-to-use online portal. Once complete, the customer pays a license fee for the finished piece to use in their media production.�

Each time a composer�s work is licensed to a customer, Xhail pays the composer. The more a composer�s work is licensed, the more they make.

�Since Xhail is based on real recordings by real musicians, it requires a wide range of compositions in virtually every conceivable musical genre,� said Kevin Whyms, Xhail�s Lead Composer. �It's this deconstruction of music down to single instrument performances that provides opportunities for talented musicians with compositional skills who have the ability to record their performances and want to earn money with their music.�

�Absolutely incredible. A breakthrough technology that opens the doors of the Production Music world to great instrumentalists,� adds Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Carlos de Andrade of Visom Digital. �Musicians have been waiting for this!��

Professional and talented composers and musicians with examples of their work and the ability to create quality recordings of their music are encouraged to apply at��

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