Lebanon Valley College Bolsters Audio & Music Production Program with Second Audient Console

A new ASP4816 installed in Studio B provides continuity with an ASP8024 in Studio A.
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A new ASP4816 installed in Studio B provides continuity with an ASP8024 in Studio A

Annville, PA -�With increasingly specialized recording programs springing up throughout the country, Lebanon Valley College, or �LVC,� sets itself apart by combining a traditional liberal arts based education with a �professionally oriented� Audio & Music Production Program, a formula that has been successful for the school�s students since the late 1980s.

Students in the Audio & Music Production Program study music, studio recording, mastering, electronic music, audio for digital media, live sound, game audio, and more. Graduates have gone on to work in recording studios, live sound, broadcast, game audio, retail, and performance with leading creative companies such as The Hit Factory, DreamWorks Animation, ESPN, Insomniac Games, Sony, Universal Music Group, Disney, and even the Ringling Brother Circus.

In order to meet the demands of training students for a diverse job market, the program employs a duo of Audient consoles to provide a solid audio foundation.

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�Audient consoles are perfect for students to learn on,� says Dr. Barry Hill, professor of music and director of audio & music production. �Signal flow is extremely easy to see and follow on these boards. It�s not crammed, and the color-coding of the channel, mix path, and operational layout is very accessible for learners.�

Both LVC studios have been around for a long time. Studio A is a traditional control room/tracking room setup centered on an Audient ASP8024 with 36 channels and a Command 8 that the school has used reliably for some time. Studio B has classroom seating and features a brand new Audient ASP4816 added for this school year. The two consoles are configured to meet the needs of each space while providing students with the continuity to easily move from learning in a classroom setting to working on projects in the studio.

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The Audio & Music Production Program has approximately 60 students that spend time on the consoles. �Using the Audient board is a great way to learn signal flow,� said senior Nate Merrill. �The way the board is organized makes it a great learning tool for�college students like me.�

Fellow senior Lucas Gienow agrees: �The Audient has been a fantastic board to learn how to engineer on. I continue to find new ways to run signal through the board during�tracking and mix downs that benefit my particular style, and yet it is designed simply enough that new engineers can sit down and work on it�after a few short lessons.�

Visit�www.lvc.edu/music/program-audio-music-production.aspx�for additional information on the Lebanon Valley College Audio & Music Production Program. �


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