GatesAir Flexiva Transmitter Boosts Performance and Operational Efficiency for KYWA-FM

 Christian broadcaster eliminates costs and labor associated with aging tube transmitter, while improving on-air reliability and quality in time for annual pledge drive
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CINCINNATI,�June 7,�2016���GatesAir,�a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters,�has significantly improved on-air performance and reduced maintenance for KYWA-FM of Wichita, Kansas, one of�more than�50�signalscomprising the WAY�Media�family of Top 40 Christian music stations around the United States. The broadcaster replaced an aging 15kW tube transmitter�from another supplier�that had difficulty making power with a 10kW�GatesAir�Flexiva�FAX solid-state air-cooled transmitter, at once improving audio quality and on-air reliability while eliminating the quickly escalating costs of maintaining the previous tube rig.

�KYWA-FM was faced with several operational challenges that factored heavily into its decision. Electrical anomalies in�its�RF plant commonly led to off-air periods due to��nuisance trips��associated with transmitter plates and main breakers. Additionally, the engineering team was increasingly tasked with the costs and labor of parts replacement. The transmitter also had difficulty making�or�achieving its allotted 13.5kW power, resulting in coverage limitations on the outer�market edges.

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�The latter point proved�especially troublesome for WAY Media Director of Engineering and IT Dave Shelton, who urgently needed to improve reliability and�coverage�in advance of KYWA�s biggest annual pledge drive. Upon discussions with SCMS, a leading distributor of�GatesAir�and other radio solutions, Shelton discovered that�GatesAir�could quickly deliver a 10kW transmitter that, based on its compact footprint and modular design, could be on the air within 24 hours.

��We knew we would have a difficult time finding a transmitter that could make our 13.5kW TPO�on such a tight budget and timeline, and since we were barely making 10.5kW with the old transmitter,�we re-classed the station as a 10kW and ordered the�Flexiva,� said Shelton. �I have had a lot of experience with�GatesAir�transmitters over the years, so I knew the reliability and quality would be great. What we�didn�t project was�the simple�and efficiently timed�installation. The receiving truck was�onsite�by 2pm, and we were on the air at midnight. The installation and commissioning was a breeze.�

Operational efficiencies have skyrocketed since turning on the�Flexiva. At 10�x10�, the real estate limitations of the RF plant made tube transmitter maintenance an immense challenge.�The smaller�Flexiva�footprint eliminated a full equipment rack, removing clutter while allowing�Shelton to position the�Flexiva�90-degrees�off from the previous footprint�for easier serviceability. Cooling requirements have been tremendously reduced; with�Flexiva�s�efficient air-cooled architecture, the�heat load is substantially�lower,�enabling the�three�existing�small portable AC units to�better�cool the building. Maintenance requirements are limited to occasional vacuuming of dust and dirt�the building itself is not fully sealed�while the costs and labor of spare parts replacement�for a new�Flexiva�transmitter�are virtually non-existent.

Most importantly for Shelton�and WAY Media, the improved on-air reliability, coverage and audio�fidelity�allowed KYWA to hit its pledge drive goal for the first time in the station�s history.�

�The performance benefits have been immediate; our�expense�in spare parts alone have�been reduced to $0, and the�Flexiva�s�air-cooled design saved us the expense of a complete five-ton HVAC system,� said Shelton. �But the biggest benefit for us is consistently being on the air. The�Flexiva�installation is a major reason why we made our pledge drive goal. By having such an affordable and high-quality transmitter ready to ship on short notice,�GatesAir�and SCMS helped�us�through a very challenging situation,�and allowed to rebuild credibility with our overall audience.�

Moving forward, Shelton plans to explore the�Flexiva�s�HD Radio capabilities, simplified through an in-the-field�GatesAir�exciter upgrade.

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