Music 4.1: Updated Guide for the DIY Musician to Succeed in 2016 and Beyond

Bobby Owsinski explores how to monetize YouTube, makes sense of streaming income, reviews the rules of crowdfunding, and more
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Montclair, NJ (May 17, 2016) -�Today's music industry is constantly changing at a dizzying pace, and this�Music 4.1: A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age�is fully equipped to help you navigate it. Written for artists overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options of the quickly evolving Internet, this is the only book that offers a comprehensive strategy for online success.

In�Music 4.1, Bobby Owsinski provides a detailed comparison of the old-school versus new-school music business, and includes an in-depth look at the economics of streaming music, with the real information about royalties that distributors and record labels don't want you to know and that simply can't be found anywhere else.�

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The book, the fourth edition in the series, also looks at how revenue is generated from YouTube and other video streaming services, and provides techniques for optimizing both videos and channels for maximum success.

Also included are lists of effective tips (both high- and low-tech) and checklists with every chapter, as well as a reference list of online tools for inexpensive music and merchandise distribution, sales, marketing, and promotion.

With an overview of the new music business that focuses on its newfound potential instead of its overblown problems of the past,�Music 4.1�reveals new and proven pathways to success in the new paradigm of the modern music world.

About the Author

Producer/engineer Bobby Owsinski is one of the best-selling authors in the music industry, with 24 books that are staples in audio recording, music, and music business programs in colleges worldwide. He writes for�Forbes�on the new music business, his popular blogs have been visited more than 7 million times, and he�s appeared on�CNN�and�ABC News�as a music branding and audio expert. Visit his music production blog at�, his music industry Music 3.0 blog at, his Forbes blog at�, his podcast at�, and his website at He lives in Los Angeles.

Music 4.1�

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