Radio Magic in Italy Upgrades ENCO DAD Radio Automation

Longtime DAD user incorporates playlist creation, mobile production tools to DAD workflow
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Southfield, MI,�July 6, 2016���Radio�Magic,�a two-station FM network broadcasting to three provinces in the Naples region of southern Italy, continues to find new efficiencies in its�ENCO DAD radio automation�platform���first installed in 1995���that minimize the manual workload and costs of running a broadcast operation with a small staff. The latest upgrades�for Radio Magic�include the integration of new playlist creation and remote connectivity�tools�that further empower operators to manage music and advertising playout across both stations.

Just last month, Radio Magic incorporated�ENCO�s Ensemble Music Scheduler software, an integrated, feature-rich application that simplifies playlist scheduling and creation for broadcasters. Ensemble�s native intelligence provides Radio Magic operators with the flexibility to define groups, clocks and rules to more efficiently create,�control�and�generate�all Radio Magic�playlists. The upgrade additionally tightens the already established communication between DAD and Radio Magic�s traffic and billing system, enabling operators to automatically import, merge and reconcile traffic files with playlists�for a cleaner business operation.

Radio Magic has also integrated new remote production and connectivity tools from ENCO�s enCloud suite, including the�ENCO iDAD mobile app.�Radio Magic added the iDAD-Remote�app to multiple iPads for the purpose of inserting new music and advertising content, as well as voicetracking�from any networked location, whether at the studio or a remote site. That content becomes immediately available in the DAD system for on-air playout or production purposes.

According to Raffaele Barbieri,�general�manager for Radio Magic, Ensemble and�enCloud�continue ENCO�s tradition of evolving DAD with�innovative yet�easy-to-use�tools that further enhance the value and robustness of the automated workflow.��

�DAD has always worked well for us, and has simplified our work from both a time and staff point of view; without it, we would need at least 12 operators just to manage our on-air operation alone,� said�Barbieri. �The new tools are as intuitive as the DAD applications we have added in the past, with a quick learning curve that allowed us to integrate them into our operation immediately.�Because of this efficiency, we continue to save a great deal of money in regards to content management and on-air playout across the Radio Magic network.�

Barbieri�added that ENCO�s technical support continues to impress nearly a quarter of a century on.

�To my knowledge, we were the first broadcasters in the world to leverage a fully automated radio system from a single PC, which made attentive technical support imperative,� said�Barbieri. �The entire ENCO staff has always been very prepared and competent, and is always available to intervene with immediacy as needed. Additionally, our requests and suggestions have additionally been implemented with urgency.�

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