QLS Archive Plug-In for Square Box Systems' CatDV Now Integrated With Quantum Lattus Object Storage

Powerful Combination of QLS Archive, Lattus, and Quantum StorNext Platform Enables Foolproof, Multisite Disaster Recovery for CatDV Assets
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WARWICK, U.K. -- July 27, 2016 --�Square Box Systems, the company behind the industry-leading CatDV media asset management system, today announced that the QLS Archive plug-in for CatDV is now integrated with the Lattus object storage system from Quantum. CatDV users can now benefit from Lattus' object storage capabilities in a policy-driven, tiered environment powered by Quantum's StorNext workflow storage platform. The result is a robust disaster recovery solution that can support high-resolution media workflows and transcontinental collaboration during normal operation as well as production continuity during disaster situations.�

"QLS Archive for CatDV has long supported StorNext. It's a powerful combination that gives users visibility into media assets throughout their entire operation -- regardless of whether content is on disk or archived for long-term preservation on tape," said Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box Systems. "Now, we're going to the next level by extending QLS Archive to Quantum Lattus object stores -- giving media facilities an easily deployed and affordable storage infrastructure that protects and replicates data on a global basis, automatically and reliably."

Lattus provides highly durable online storage that scales to hundreds of petabytes more economically than primary storage and with better performance than tape. Lattus also offers a broad range of other advantages, including global replication for multisite access, highly durable data storage that can span generations of hardware, self-healing fault tolerance, and metadata-rich, object-based data storage that enables access to content from virtually any device.

The integration of QLS Archive, Lattus, and StorNext gives CatDV users multisite data protection with disaster recovery and business continuity in case of a site loss. QLS Archive includes a number of new features that leverage StorNext and Lattus to track and time-stamp assets as they are synchronized at remote sites. In addition to status updates on content movement, QLS Archive enables automatic reconstruction of files at remote sites when the primary site is lost.�

QLS Archive is able to track additional media repositories and present a wealth of information in the CatDV interface. Visible from any site via CatDV, assets may be selected for duplication or relocation to traditional tape and/or Lattus storage to enable tiered storage of media. QLS Archive leverages a CatDV Worker Node for automatic file movement in the StorNext environment -- thus relieving editorial workstations from a time-consuming manual task. The Worker Node offers extended tools in the CatDV interface for invoking file movement operations and provides scheduling of file movement requests for better bandwidth management.�

More information about Square Box Systems and its products is available at www.squarebox.com.

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About Square Box Systems

Square Box Systems is a privately owned software company specializing in media asset management and production workflows. Its industry-leading CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management by making it easy for content owners to repurpose and monetize their assets. Offering a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors, the CatDV software runs on Mac(R) and Windows(R) platforms and can be scaled from small workgroups to multiuser, enterprise solutions managing millions of assets. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also been honored with a number of awards including Creative Cow's Blue Ribbon for Best Asset Management Tool, and Videography Magazine's Best of NAB Vidy Award. Based in the U.K., Square Box Systems sells CatDV globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing workflow design, local installation, consultancy, and support. More information is available at www.squarebox.com.�

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Square Box Systems at IBC2017

Square Box Systems' flagship media asset management system, CatDV, accelerates collaborative media asset management operations and empowers small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency. CatDV will have the spotlight in stand 7.J38 at IBC2017, where Square Box Systems will showcase new versions and enhancements including support for new platforms, environments, and operating systems.

Square Box Systems at IBC2016

In stand 7.J15 Square Box Systems will showcase next-generation products that demonstrate why the company has become the industry's leading developer of digital asset management and media asset management (MAM) solutions. Square Box Systems' flagship product, CatDV, accelerates collaborative media asset management operations and empowers small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency. 

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