GatesAir Brings Latest Wireless Over-The-Air Content Delivery Solutions for FM Radio to IBC2016

GatesAir expands its energy-efficent transmitter range and intelligent IP networking portfolio to improve performance and flexibility while reducing operational expenses
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CINCINNATI,�August 22,�2016��At�IBC2016�in Amsterdam,�GatesAir�the�global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for�DTV and FM broadcasters�will�unveil its latest FM range of transmitters and intelligent networking solutions to international broadcasters.

The European debut of the�GatesAir�Flexiva��LX solid-state FM radio transmitter�sets the latest standard for green, energy-efficient RF operations with the industry�s highest price-to-performance ratio for low-power FM applications. Compact and low-cost, the�GatesAirFlexiva� LX integrates�GatesAir�s�latest-generation software-defined exciter and several components previous available only as separate units, including a digital multi-band audio processor and a stereo encoder with composite clipper. This design ensures a single streamlined analog FM platform that is easy to maintain both�serately�or within larger transmission�headends. The�Flexiva�LX is available for power levels ranging from 10 to 1050�Watts (1 kW), making it ideally suited for gap filler applications in national FM radio networks.

�While the�Flexiva�LX is positioned at the lower-power end of the product line, broadcasters will find that it provides top-of-the-line features, energy efficiency, and on-air sound quality at a very attractive, budget friendly price-point,� Redmond said.�

The�Flexiva�LX will be demonstrated alongside higher power�Flexiva�FLX liquid-cooled and FAX air-cooled transmitters. These high-efficiency transmitters leverage�GatesAir�s�PowerSmart��3D transmission architecture for best-in-class power efficiency, simple single-engineer maintenance, and exceptional signal performance. With their modular design,�Flexiva�FLX and FAX transmitters utilize the latest 50-volt LDMOS amplifier devices, compact high-efficiency power supplies, variable speed cooling and the�Flexiva�FAX exciter with real-time adaptive correction (RTAC�) to optimize signal�qualtiy�and compliance.

�With every new�Flexiva�transmitter�introduction�and upgrade, we�strive�to help broadcasters lower their operating expenses by reducing their�RF plant�s�energy usage, space requirements, maintenance costs and carbon footprint,�without�performance compromises,� said Redmond.��We believe that this mission is the key to helping broadcasters stay competitive,�and take advantage of new broadcasting opportunities,�while preserving the environment. We encourage broadcasters to see how�GatesAir�is pushing the envelope on energy- and cost-efficiency that leads to a rapid return on investment.�

Intraplex� IP Link MPX

GatesAir�will also demonstrate another new product making its European debut�the�GatesAir�Intraplex� IP Link MPX.�The�newest member of the�GatesAir�IP Link�audio codec�family, the new�Intraplex�IP Link MPX�is a full-duplex product built specifically for the FM studio-to-transmitter link,�and designed to solve�universal�bandwidth challenges of transporting digital FM composite signals over IP networks.�

The�Intraplex�IP Link MPX�offers an extensive feature set, including multiple input and output ports for signal redundancy, decoding of audio and RDS content from either the input or output MPX signal, and the option to incorporate external SCA subcarrier signals into the output MPX signal. It also offers features common�to�all IP Link codecs, including stream splicing, forward error correction (FEC), and a trio of network interfaces for optimal stream reliability.

�Broadcasters have been seeking an IP transport solution that simplifies their program distribution by�enabling them to�centralize�theiraudio processing�equipment�at�one�studio.�And rather than having to deploy audio processors, stereo generators and other auxiliary network at multiple receive locations,�they�want to�send audio and data in a single bandwidth-efficient stream to multiple transmitter and booster locations,� Redmond said. �The IP Link MPX codec�can support�both digital and analog composite FM signal transport�with�a�centralized operation,�using optimal bitrates that suit each customer�s unique IP network bandwidth constraints.�

Visitors to IBC2016, taking place September 9-13 at the RAI Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, can see these and other�GatesAir�solutions across studio systems, intelligent networking and transmission at Stand 8.C30.



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