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New Suite of Cloud-Based Services Streamlines and Simplifies Contribution of Content From Any Internet-Connected Source to the Professional Broadcast Studio
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AMSTERDAM -- Sept. 9, 2016 --�Today at IBC2016 in Amsterdam, Digigram is unveiling blu by digigram, a suite of cloud-based services including end-to-end management of content contribution from journalists, expert voice talents, and remote presenters, as well as live user-generated content from the qualified broadcast or web radio audience. A cost-effective, centralized web service designed for the professional broadcast environment, blu by digigram makes it simple and easy for virtually any authorized user to establish a high-quality bidirectional communication with any remote contributor with internet access.

"blu by digigram brings the cloud inside the studio; it doesn't stop at the door like codec or switchboard solutions," said Martin Dutasta, product owner at Digigram. "This first-of-its-kind broadcast-focused service unites a cloud-based SaaS application with a professional audio interface to improve the user experience dramatically. With this unique 'no fuss, no hassle' pay-as-you-go model for managing and processing contributed content from an array of sources, broadcasters can dedicate more time and resources to creating the compelling, timely, and relevant programming that drives their success."

The new protocol-agnostic contribution platform features the blu by digigram software as a service (SaaS) and the blu Connect studio interface. Together these elements facilitate instant and secure IP audio contribution over the cloud or via traditional real-time modes of communication (phone or IP codecs), along with optional cloud-based audio processing and media recording.�

Staff within the studio simply connect to the blu by digigram web platform and use its contacts interface to launch a full duplex contribution link between a remote correspondent and the blu Connect interface in the studio. Contributors accept the communication by clicking on the link sent by email or SMS to their PC or Android smartphones. In addition to providing users on both sides of the link with audio controls, the web platform offers tools with which the editorial team can manage the contributor community and enrich recorded media with additional contextual metadata.

Built on rugged embedded technology and Digigram's three decades of engineering expertise, the blu Connect broadcast-grade audio/data interface features AES/EBU, AES67, and high-quality analog I/O. The plug-and-play system automatically connects to the blu by digigram service over an encrypted connection, and contributions links are generated without the need for network/IT configuration or knowledge. Encrypted audio between the studio and any potential contributor ensures security across diverse sources of content.

The subscription-based services within blu by digigram not only enable radio and web broadcasters to reduce their capital expenditures, but also allow them to scale web services as needed. For example, users can extend the system's capabilities quickly and easily by adding concurrent contribution links, connecting with a traditional audio-over-IP (AoIP) codec, or adding new functionality to accommodate future services. blu by digigram integrates readily with existing apps, web sites, or other contribution portals.

Further information about Digigram and the company's products is available at www.digigram.com or by phone at +33 4 76 52 47 47.

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About Digigram

For more than 30 years, Digigram has harnessed innovation to develop mission-critical solutions dedicated to the contribution, production, and safe distribution of audiovisual content. Digigram sound cards, IP audio and video codecs, and audio processing software solutions are used in thousands of broadcast, AV, and industrial applications all over the world. Robust and easy to use, Digigram solutions lower operating costs and increase efficiency, adding value to users' operations.

Digigram (DIG) is publicly listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris stock exchange. More information about market-leading Digigram audio- and video-over-IP solutions is available at www.digigram.com.

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