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StreamGuys Launches IsMyStreamUp Automated Monitoring Service

New standalone offering brings powerful, 24/7 stream monitoring to more users in an affordable, self-serve, CDN-agnostic solution
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BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA,�November�7, 2016���StreamGuys, a pioneering content delivery network�and streaming media provider, has launched�IsMyStreamUp,�a�fully-automated, cloud-based�service�that�enables�users of�any CDN or streaming platform�to continually�monitor the status of�their Internet streams,�critical content assets and production workflows.

Top-tier�Internet Radio broadcasters using�StreamGuys� robust delivery platform�have long�depended�on its powerful and reliable�SGalertsmonitoring�services�to�ensure�stream�continuity, which is crucial for�protecting�their brand image and�advertising�revenues.�IsMyStreamUpleverages this pedigree to bring�automated,�24/7 monitoring capabilities to streaming operators and users of�any�streaming host or�CDN in a cost-effective,�self-serve�solution.

Designed with a focus on simplicity,�IsMyStreamUp�enables users to configure alerts for one or more streams or�content�assets�through an intuitive, web-based dashboard.�New�customers�simply create an account, enter the URL, and configure their contacts�for�receiving�alerts.�IsMyStreamUp�alerts�the specified contacts�via email the moment it detects�a monitored�stream or page has gone offline, and notifies them again when�the stream or page is back up. Users can make self-serve modifications or additions to their monitoring configuration at any time through the�IsMyStreamUp�portal, with the changes taking instant effect.�

�Ensuring�stream�integrity�and accessibility is important for audience retention and advertiser satisfaction�for�every Internet Radio outlet, but not every streaming operator needs our traditional hands-on, white-glove service,� said�Jonathan Speaker, COO,�StreamGuys. �IsMyStreamUp�makes automated, 24/7 stream monitoring easier and more accessible for users who previously thought�such services were too much work to manage�themselves,�or�too expensive for their business model.�With the intuitive, immediate provisioning and affordable, month-to-month service of�IsMyStreamUp, there�s now no reason for anyone to let their streams go unmonitored.�

IsMyStreamUp�can monitor�from multiple geographic regions,�enabling faster and�more reliable�identification and diagnosis of issues that are isolated to specific local areas.�Multiple contacts can be�defined to receive alerts, enabling�quick awareness and resolution of issues even when individual staff�members�are unavailable.�

Subscription-based pricing for�IsMyStreamUp�starts at $10/month for monitoring one stream at standard settings, with options including�premium frequency,�multiple regions�or contacts,�and additional�monitored properties available at�affordable�costs.�IsMyStreamUp�sflexible, dynamic billing model lets customers add or remove service options at any time during the month, with charges automatically pro-rated accordingly.�

The�IsMyStreamUp�monitoring service�is�available immediately.�For more information or to subscribe, please�

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