GatesAir Awarded Second Phase of Bangladesh HD Radio Rollout

Next phase launching in mid-2017 covers two additional large cities powered by turnkey GatesAir systems and services
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CINCINNATI,�November�14,�2016���GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, has won phase two of Bangladesh�s national HD Radio rollout.�The turnkey system comprises two self-contained�FM radio stations�with�high-efficiency�GatesAir�Flexiva��FAX air-cooled 10kW�FM�transmitters, antenna systems and all auxiliary and support equipment.

Bangladesh�Betar, the�only�national government broadcaster serving Bangladesh, awarded the contract as the first phase�of the�GatesAir-supported�rollout moves forward.�The initial phase, which�covers the capital city of Dhaka,�also includes two�GatesAir�Flexiva�FAX 10kW transmitters and�is targeted for completion�by the end of 2016.�The second phase�will cover the�heavily populated�cities of�Mymensinghand�Gopalganj, with an expected on-air date of June 2017.�Both�projects are especially notable as the first HD Radio deployments in South Asia.

The�GatesAir�Exgine4 HD Radio platform, which�simplifies�signal flow and�connectivity across the architecture, will play a central role in each system.�The complete system�includes�GatesAir�s�FlexStar�HDI-200 Importer�and�HDE-200 Exporter�at the studio; and the�FlexStarHDx�exciter at the RF plant. The complete system�supports�all HD Radio program audio and program-associated data (logos, station ID information, artist/song data) over a single, bandwidth-efficient stream, with plenty of headroom to incorporate additional services in the future.

GatesAir�s�ability to�also�provide turnkey services�helped�to cement the phase-two contract win, according to Mr.�A.K.A.M.�Fazlul�Hoque, Project Director at�Bangladesh�Betar�Engineering. Along with site planning, design, integration and commissioning services,�GatesAir�has and�will�continue to�provide�extensive training services�around system operation and transmitter maintenance�both in Bangladesh and at�its Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center.�GatesAir�recently welcomed both�the�Secretary,�Ministry�of Information Mr.�Martuza�Ahmed; and�Mr. A.K.M.�Nesar�Uddin�Bhuiyan,�Director General, Bangladesh�Betar, Dhaka, to Quincy as part of the most recent visit from the�Bangladesh�Betar�Engineering team.

�GatesAir�s�professional services, reliable systems architecture and high-efficiency transmitters provide value across the project duration, and will enable us to operate a cost-efficient, low-maintenance hybrid FM and HD Radio service for a large portion of our population for many years,� said�Mr.�Hoque. �GatesAir�s�bandwidth-rich HD Radio platform will also allow us to add more audio channels and data services in the future without requiring any significant additional investment in resources.�Above all, their detailed planning and quick turnaround are consistent with our scheduled rollout plan.�We also appreciated them welcoming Mr. Ahmed and Mr.�Bhuiyan�to tour the�GatesAir�manufacturing center to confirm product quality assurance and further strengthen the relationship between�GatesAir,�Bangladesh�Betar�and the Bangladesh Government.�

The �low-maintenance� benefit will pay dividends for�both�Betar�and the Bangladesh Government�moving forward. In addition to the�FlexivaFAX transmitter�s compact footprint�a valuable asset given the limited real estate available in each RF plant�the latest-generation�GatesAir�Flexiva�design minimizes internal parts, with common power amplifier modules and power supplies. This streamlining of parts and size also reduce weight, making single-engineer maintenance a reality for�the�Betar�team�preserving valuable engineering resources for other needs.

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