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StreamGuys Boosts Branded-Radio Reliability and Quality for RFC Media

Robust, dependable infrastructure improves delivery for branded Internet radio producer, while extensive feature set and customizability enable them to meet the precise needs of their clients
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BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA,�December 12, 2016���StreamGuys, a pioneering content delivery network and streaming media provider, is�helping innovative branded radio specialist RFC Media reliably deliver live broadcast streams for close to 100 highly-customized stations using its robust, cloud-based infrastructure and�powerful�SaaS toolset for�audience�analytics, reporting,�dynamic advertising�and more.�

RFC Media creates�content-driven�Internet radio stations that help brands and events engage deeply with their target audiences.�Building and bolstering listener relationships in a way not�possible with branded playlists,�RFC Media�s stations are hand-crafted and hosted live by award-winning, on-air personalities. In addition to creating branded online radio for organizations such as NASA and retail chains including Specs Liquor and Timewise Food Stores, RFC Media also powers dozens of original stations and live, on-location event broadcasts�forleading Internet radio portal TuneIn, complementing the latter�s massive array of aggregated stations with custom-format, themed programming.

Plagued by frequent technical�problems�with their previous streaming provider, RFC Media turned to StreamGuys�to give them the�rock-solid�reliability they needed.��Our old provider�s�service would go down quite often, and they�were unable to�figure out what was causing the outages,��said John Whiteside, technical director at RFC Media. �As a services company ourselves, we can�t afford to have such issues affecting our clients, as our reputation is on the line � particularly with�top-tier clients like TuneIn�who require flawless performance for their listeners.�We�ve never had problems like that since switching to StreamGuys.�From myself to our President and our COO, we all sleep better at night.�

While reliability was RFC Media�s primary goal,�the StreamGuys platform has also delivered audible advantages. �We get much higher audio quality,� Whiteside enthused. �Our old platform required a proprietary encoder, which degraded the audio.�The second we turned on a StreamGuys stream at the same bit rate, we could hear a huge difference.�

The depth and�flexibility�of StreamGuys� platform were also keys to RFC Media�s selection. �We run 96 stations and counting, and some of our customers have very specific requirements that�may�only apply to�one station,��Whiteside�explained. �Being able to meet the individual needs of each of our clients was essential.�We found the StreamGuys platform to be the easiest to work with and very customizable,�with�lots of�tools�we can use to meet our varying needs�and ensure that we have the best-quality product going out. StreamGuys offers a whole lot more for your money than a lot of the competition out there.�

Although�the brand-specific nature of�their�clients� stations typically precludes outside advertising, RFC Media takes advantage of StreamGuys� third-party,�dynamic ad insertion�capabilities for those customers who wish to monetize their streams with additional revenue sources.��While most of our stations don't use any external ads, StreamGuys' advertising integration features�make it easy for us to�incorporate third-party commercials for those clients who�do�want them,"�Whiteside shared.�

RFC Media�takes advantage of�numerous offerings in StreamGuys� SGsuite of SaaS tools, with the�SGalerts�service monitoring software a�particular�highlight for Whiteside.��It alerts me promptly of any issues affecting any of our stations, so�I can quickly resolve them,� he said.��That helps us meet our guaranteed uptime commitment for our clients.�

RFC Media uses StreamGuys��feature-rich, HTML5�SGplayer�multimedia player�on select client sites�to deliver�high-quality�streaming experiences�across any device, and the�SGreports�log processing service�to�report�detailed listener metrics�to their clients and their sales team.�Their most recent addition,�SGmetadata�software, leverages StreamGuys� efficient, push-based approach to dramatically reduce the bandwidth�usage�� and thus cost � of delivering metadata such as song, album and artist information to listeners.�

RFC Media�s satisfaction with StreamGuys�also�extends beyond the platform itself to the company and its people. �StreamGuys has been absolutely fantastic to work with,��Whiteside�said. �Their customer service is number one, and it�s been a great relationship. Out of all of the streaming platforms and providers that we�ve dealt with, StreamGuys is the best.�

About StreamGuys, Inc.

In business since 2000, StreamGuys is an industry-leading service provider of live and on-demand streaming, podcasting delivery, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) toolsets for enterprise-level broadcast media organizations. The company brings together the industry�s best price-to-performance ratio, a�robust and reliable network, and an infinitely scalable cloud-based platform for clients of any size to process, deliver, monetize and playout professional streaming content. StreamGuys supports many of the world�s largest Podcasts, global TV and radio broadcasters, video and audio production companies, houses of worship, retail and hospitality businesses, government organizations, medical and healthcare services, and live venues for sports and entertainment. The company excels in developing and deploying technologies for business growth and revenue generation, including dynamic ad insertion, mobile streaming and detailed business and data analytics.