Belar Now Shipping Software-Defined Lite Series of Modulation Monitors

New versions of flagship HD Radio and All-In-One monitors emphasize remote monitoring capability of Belar WizWin software, retaining key functions while reducing transmitter site visits
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West Chester,�PA,�January 23, 2017���Belar Electronics�is now shipping�new low-cost versions of its flagship HD�Radio and All-in-One modulation monitors,�introduced to broadcasters at the 2016 NAB Show. At half the size and nearly half the price point of the company�s traditional monitors,�the new FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite�integrate�the�same�monitoring power and extensive feature sets, emphasizingremote access over front-panel management.

The 1RU�Lite monitors�eliminate the front panel user interface�and instead rely heavily on Belar�s flexible WizWin software, among the industry�s first solutions for IP-based modulation monitoring from remote sites. Still,�the Lite Series retains�all pertinent meters, alarms and enhanced monitoring features, including�Belar�s unique Automatic Delay Correction software for flexibly managing HD Diversity Delay; automated, multichannel scanning of FM�and HD Radio stations; and enhanced WizWin graphing�to display�up to 24 hours of monitoring data.�

The Lite Series also gives engineers the same graphical options�of its larger siblings,�including�dynamic histograms and raw value tablesthat provide�immediate evidence of performance; and detailed insight into trends over time.

Mark�Grant, Belar Electronics� CEO, reiterated how the Lite Series aligns with the changing needs and preferences of RF engineers that increasingly leverage the efficiency of�IP connectivity�and networking over trips to the transmitter site.

�Simply put, radio stations have fewer engineering sources to spare today, and the role of the RF engineer is often combined with significant IT responsibilities,� said Grant. �The Lite Series allows our customers to further leverage today�s network intelligence and operational efficiencies of IP to solve traditional RF performance issues.�

The reliance on remote monitoring is also useful for very remote, difficult-to-access transmitter sites; as well as single-frequency transmitter networks with multiple translator or repeater locations. For latter scenarios, WizWin�s IP connectivity reduces travel time and costs for engineers responsible for monitoring and�maintaining multiple RF sites.

Regardless of the transmission architecture, users have full access to�all modulation readings,�spectrums, HD�Radio Data,�and�subcarrier information found in each unit�s bigger brother.�The FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite also provide the same e-mail and relay alarming as the traditional versions to immediately alert engineers of critical issues.

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Founded in 1964,�Belar Electronics Laboratory, Inc. is the world�s leading manufacturer of�modulation monitors.�Used by radio and TV stations globally to monitor broadcast signals, Belar products are world-renowned�for�accuracy and reliability.�These benefits are also recognized worldwide by manufacturers of transmitters and audio processors, which regularly rely on Belar monitors as test instruments to ensure their products meet specifications.� Contact�Belar�at�(610)-687-5550�or visit them on the web at�