Auralex® Now Shipping Updated ProMAX™ v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels

– Reflective rear panel has been upgraded –
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� Reflective rear panel has been upgraded �

Indianapolis, IN �Auralex� Acoustics, Inc., the world�s leading brand of acoustical treatments, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is now shipping its updated ProMAX� v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels, offering a portable, lightweight, highly effective absorption treatment solution offering quick and easy setup and teardown. The ProMAX v2 is designed for a variety of spaces and applications and can be implemented in any location where boundary-mounted acoustical treatments aren�t feasible or desired.

The unit features a 24� x 48� x 3" absorptive Studiofoam� panel with an updated angled reflective rear surface for tonal variability when rotated or flipped. By altering the quantity, orientation and spacing of multiple ProMAX v2�s, users will be able to dial in the desired amount of room ambience.

The ProMAX v2 is a flexible, expandable and affordable solution that�s ideal for a wide range of users and settings, including recording and performance applications in the studio, on stage, in the classroom, in the home and more.�


  • Stand-mounted acoustical absorption panels
  • Reduce unwanted acoustical reflections
  • Tame chaotic reverberation
  • Flexible, portable absorption for professional & residential settings
  • Proprietary melamine-free formula is long-lasting and won't crumble like other brands
  • Users can dial in the exact sound they desire
  • Features absorptive and more-reflective sides for sonic variability
  • Expand your ProMAX array as your needs change
  • 2� wide x 4� tall x 3� thick
  • Available Colors: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy & Purple
  • Add stand-mounted Studio6�, LENRD� Bass Traps or Sunburst-360s� for a complete, broadband treatment system!

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