GatesAir Wins Largest Single-Frequency Network FM Radio Rollout in the Middle East

Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) chooses GatesAir Flexiva™ transmitter, Intraplex intelligent IP networking, and Single Frequency Network (SFN) technology to expand multi-channel FM radio coverage nationwide
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CINCINNATI,�March 7,�2017���In advance of CABSAT 2017 in Dubai,�GatesAir�a�global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters�is announcing that its FM radio transmission technology has been chosen by the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), in Cairo, Egypt,�to expand the coverage of its many FM radio services�across Egypt.�

GatesAir�joined forces with its�strategic local partner in Egypt�Cairo�Communication�Systems (CCS)�to negotiate the deal, resulting in the award of the contract in December of 2016 by ERTU, led by�Managing Director Mr. Amr�Shedid.�GatesAir�will serve as a technology provider to CCS, which will be responsible for providing ongoing technical and installation support to ERTU.�The installation is set to begin in the second quarter of 2017, culminating by year�s end when the transmitters will be broadcasting ERTU-run FM radio stations over the air.

As the largest digital FM radio rollout to date in the Middle East, the deal calls for deploying 27�GatesAir�Flexiva��FLX 10 kW liquid-cooled, solid-state transmitters configured in an 8+1 single-frequency network (SFN). When completed, the infrastructure will be comprised of three transmission sites, each of which will have a cluster of eight synchronized�Flexiva�transmitters, plus one additional transmitter serving as a�backup�that is set-up for automated failover. This 8+1 configuration also makes this SFN the largest of its kind in the world.

�ERTU�broadcasts many FM radio services,�predominantly in central Egypt. With the addition of this�powerful, energy-efficient�FM radio�SFN�transmission infrastructure, they�ll be able to greatly expand their FM radio coverage area to include remote regions hundreds of kilometers away�where people cannot currently receive any over the air radio stations,� said Rich Redmond, chief product officer for�GatesAir. �By�delivering�these government-run radio services to underserved areas, the public will now�have�access to�the�valuable information, music, talk and public service programming�ERTU�s FM stations air.�

One area of interest is Northern Egypt. This�includes�a long stretch of freeway that runs from Cairo to�the�beaches on the MediterraneanSea�that�are frequented by�locals,�vacationers and tourists. By installing a single-frequency network,�these listeners will�now�have reliable�FM radio�reception, with no dead spots or�RF�interference as they drive through the coverage area.�With each SFN of�eight transmitters broadcasting the same signals simultaneously, the reception is seamless even when they overlap each other because the transmitters are all�aligned�to the same GPS timing�source.

This�synchronization is enabled by�GatesAir�Intraplex��IP Link audio codecs,�which will�support all intelligent IP networking needs�fromERTU�s studio in Cairo�and at the transmitter sites.�The�IP Link�includes�a�built-in�Intraplex�SynchroCast��option to dynamically manage precision�delays that keep the SFNs broadcasting simultaneously and in sync�via the private IP network infrastructure. �

GatesAir�will showcase both the IP Link and the�Flexiva�FLX liquid-cooled transmitter at its CABSAT 2017 stand (D1-50). CABSAT takes place from March 21-23, 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Center in the UAE.�Flexiva�liquid-cooled transmitters are especially attractive for broadcasters working hot and humid clients, where cooling and power costs can quickly escalate.�GatesAir�liquid-cooled transmitters employ a novel heat-to-liquid transfer process�that efficiently removes heat from the RF plant, and vastly reduces air conditioning requirements and cooling costs. All�GatesAir�transmitters are built upon�GatesAir�s�market-leading�PowerSmart�Plus or�PowerSmart�3D architectures, both of which reduce the size, weight, maintenance and power consumption of the transmitter due to industry-leading modular, high-density and energy-efficiency designs.

With this installation,�Redmond said, �GatesAir�will prove that�our FM radio transmitters and SFN�technology�are�capable of handling the demands of this state-of-the-art configuration reliably,�and without compromising the�signal quality�or listener experience. We will also demonstrate that, despite�our technology�s�high-performance, this installation will be cost-effective and leverage�our�green, high-efficiency�PowerSmart��3D�architecture.�

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