Cumulus Media Updates Radio Transmission Systems with GatesAir

Deal includes nearly 70 Flexiva FM and AM radio transmitters, with an emphasis on improving energy efficiency and reliability while reducing operational expense
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Deal includes nearly 70 Flexiva FM and AM radio transmitters, with an emphasis on improving energy efficiency and reliability while reducing operational expense

CINCINNATI,�March�27,�2017���GatesAir,�a�global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, has been awarded a significant contract from leading US radio broadcast group Cumulus�Media. The deal�aligns with Cumulus Media�s broader�modernization initiative�for�its RF facilities network-wide, with�nearly 70�GatesAir Flexiva��FM and AM radio�transmitters�rolling out�in�multiple markets over the coming months.�

One key aspiration of Cumulus� initiative was a reduction in operational expense and energy use in its RF plants, with an emphasis on long-term sustainability. GatesAir�s high-efficiency, solid-state�transmitters�will in many cases replace aging tube�models, which will provide an immediate impact on reducing maintenance and cooling costs.

�We expect to see a�sizable�reduction in power costs�due to�lower cooling requirements, based on our heat-output analysis comparing our existing systems with the more efficient Flexiva design,� said Conrad Trautmann, senior vice president of technology and operations. �Tubes are also becoming harder to find and more expensive, so by investing in more modern technologies and RF innovations we are saving long-term expenses while improving our signal quality and reliability of service.�Overall, this deal emphasizes our commitment to the future of over-the-air radio.�

The deal includes GatesAir Flexiva air-cooled systems for the majority of the FM stations, with a Flexiva FLX liquid-cooled transmitter ordered for WEBE(FM) in Bridgeport, Connecticut.�The Bridgeport site is one of several locations that will see a complete replacement of RF systems, including a modernized building to house all transmission, auxiliary and cooling systems. All FM transmitters will be outfitted with the HD Radio-capable GatesAir exciters to enable simple in-field transitions should any station add HD Radio services in the future.The deal also includes new AM transmitters for select locations with very old transmitters, where Trautmann anticipates a reduction in AM noise and a more efficient RF chain.�

Trautmann notes that several Cumulus Media executives�evaluated�GatesAir and other transmitter companies before making a decision,�investigating�each supplier�s manufacturing center.�

�Our team came away with the impression that GatesAir has a very strong commitment to the broadcast business as well as manufacturing quality,� said Trautmann. �This is based on the insight we had into their production processes, and the fact that they build many of their components in-house as opposed to outsourcing those jobs. That commitment extends to their service and support. As a broadcast engineer of�more�than 35 years,�I�ve seen that�GatesAir has always been strong in supporting their products long-term, as opposed to forcing end-of-life initiatives on broadcasters. Their main focus is about keeping their customers on the air.�

The first sites are expected to roll out this spring, including several stations in the Bloomington, Indiana and Fort Walton Beach, Florida markets.�

�We share Cumulus Media�s�commitment to and�enthusiasm for the future of radio,�as demonstrated through out continued innovation and investment in technology,� said Joseph Mack, vice president of sales, Americas, GatesAir. �With all products made in the USA, we anticipate a timely rollout that will help Cumulus�accelerate their plan to upgrade facilities, improve quality of service,�significantly boost efficiency,�and reduce their long-term costs.�

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