ENCO Extends Reach of DAD Radio Automation Across News Production and Content Delivery

At the 2017 NAB Show, visitors to ENCO’s booth (N2024) will see the future of broadcast radio taking shape through DAD, among the industry’s leading production and automation systems.
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Southfield, MI,�April�11,�2017���At the�2017 NAB Show,�visitors to ENCO�s booth (N2024)�will see the future of broadcast radio taking shape�through DAD, among the industry�s leading production and automation systems.�ENCO�will�showcase�enhancements to its�DAD radio automation system�that strengthen integration between production and newsroom operations, and diversify options for dissemination of Program Associated Data (PAD).

At NAB, ENCO will unveil the iNews MOS Interface, which will allow�DAD systems to play out assets from the Avid iNews newsroom computer system. By adding support for the�Media Object Server (MOS)-based protocol used by�newsroom�computer�systems, DAD�users�can now�manage�add, move, and modify�audio embedded in�iNews�stories. Changes are�automatically synchronized�with�playlists to keep everything up to�date.

ENCO has also added MetaPub metadata management to its PADapult program, which integrates with DAD and allows operators to sendreal-time texts�to primary and secondary HD�Radio channels, RDS encoders, web streamers or other locations�that accept data.�

With the new built-in MetaPub functionality,�PADapult�can now get�rich�metadata from ContentDepot�s MetaPub, which a�majority of PRSS programs use for metadata distribution,�including Classical 24, BBC World Service, Morning Edition, and many�more.�PADapult users canthen�provide�that�metadata to listeners for any live PRSS program.�PADapault can also be used in�automatic or manual mode to get data from�a broadcaster�s�automation system.

�We�re always looking for new ways to leverage technology breakthroughs to gain efficiencies for radio broadcasters,��said Ken Frommert, general manager of ENCO.��As a pioneer in virtualization and IP-based radio production and distribution, ENCO strives to stay at the forefront of broadcast automation.�

DAD and Virtualization

ENCO was among the first radio automation suppliers to offer a virtualized solution to reduce rack space, costs and maintenance for broadcasters. At NAB, ENCO will demonstrate how DAD software can be virtualized today by pairing it with�ENCO1, the company�s virtualized automation system. ENCO1 allows DAD to run in a virtualized environment by leveraging�existing IP audio�technologies.�Since virtualized�stations�and�studios�can be controlled from anywhere via a thin client, broadcasters can save space and operational overhead. It can also�facilitate�remote access and control of broadcast radio operations,�which lays the foundation for more efficient cloud-based operations.���

�DAD is about doing more with less�through advanced automation,��Frommert said.��We�ve focused our efforts on giving broadcasters the means to run and manage their radio stations locally or remotely with the utmost flexibility and reliability. With every new feature we add, we�re�striving to provide the broadcast industry with an extensible and future proof solution.�

To better support�broadcasters using�local and wide-area networks, ENCO�will�also�demonstrate�its�redundancy failover software. This automatic failover�software, introduced at IBC in September,�allows�production and playout content,�including full playlists and advertisements,�to�seamlessly transition to local studio operations in the event of a server, audio drive or�network�connection�failure.�

�ENCO�s automation reliability is rock-solid and among the most robust platforms on the market, but working in networked environments always�poses the risk of�downtime from outages,�which can in turn lead to a�substantial loss of�listeners�and revenue,� Frommert�said.��By adding�seamless failover software to our automation system,�we�re protecting�broadcasters at all costs,�without�disruption to�their�operations or the consumer experience.�

About ENCO

Founded in 1983, ENCO Systems is a world leader in playout and automation system solutions for demanding radio and television organizations. ENCO is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan USA and retains a worldwide distribution network. For more information, please visit:�www.enco.com.