WZFL(FM) in Miami Broadens Coverage Map, Audience Share with MaxxCasting™ System from GeoBroadcast Solutions

Unique MaxxCasting deployment creates synchronized simulcast across three separate transmitter/translator locations, covering the entire metropolitan area with a significantly cleaner and robust signal
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CHICAGO,�April 11, 2017���Zoo Communications-owned WZFL(FM),�a Class C2 station�licensed to�Islamorada, Florida just�south of Miami,�is now broadcasting a stronger FM signal � and attracting new listeners and advertiser interest � as the latest MaxxCasting licensee. The patented MaxxCasting technology, created and owned by�GeoBroadcast Solutions�(GBS), uses unique predictive modeling software to maximize network topology, enabling broadcasters to increase coverage and revenue potential by reaching more PPMs and attracting new advertisers.�

MaxxCasting deployments�to date comprise a main transmitter with strategically positioned nodes within a broadcaster�s contour, all synchronized on a common frequency for the purpose of increasing contour-to-coverage ratio. The WZFL deployment is unusual in that the station had recently purchased two translators to boost the main transmitter�s signal, which grew weaker the further north and west listeners tuned in.�With all three systems tuned to 93.5, WZFL in essence had the makings of a single-frequency architecture, but without the clean integration, network-wide synchronization, and seamless transitions between coverage areas that MaxxCasting provides.

�We�attempted�to cover these gaps�by tuning�two�translators to the same frequency as our main GatesAir transmitter,�and positioning them in our weaker coverage areas,� said Marco Mazzoli, owner of Zoo Entertainment and a popular on-air radio personality in Italy.��While we�improved our�coverage,�there were interference issues with overlapping signals, and it simply wasn�t a great experience for mobile listeners. The negative effects cancelled�the positives. There�is�no question we needed a different approach.�

Upon entering into a partnership, the GBS team immediately went to work managing FCC spacing requirements and power restrictions for three separate licenses, as the�two�translators were positioned outside the contour.

�With the traditional MaxxCasting approach, we have the benefit of working within one large contour and determining the appropriate spots to fill in with a stronger signal,� said Bill Hieatt, CTO, GeoBroadcast Solutions. �With WZFL, we are not just filling in a large continuous contour; we are in fact creating one. It�s a testament to the flexibility of our propriety modeling software and MaxxCasting technology.�

To further improve system reliability and audio quality,�Mazzoli took Hieatt�s advice to upgrade the translators to GatesAir Flexiva�500 Watt�systems.�Once the GatesAir translators�were installed, the GBS team worked closely with Mazzoli to bring all three systems onto the same frequency. This�established�the single-frequency network (SFN) at the core of a MaxxCasting architecture, with GatesAir Intraplex IP Link 200 IP codecs to enable synchronization. From there, the GBS team determined�the appropriate heights�above average terrain, power ratios and time differentials that bring the magic of the MaxxCasting formula together. GBS and Mazzoli continue to tweak the system, with plans to reposition the directional Shively antennas to better cover the western fringes of the market.

Since launching on March 30, listeners now enjoy a seamless transition as they move between the three regions (Islamorada, downtown Miami, North Hollywood). Meanwhile, WZFL is attracting accolades from new and existing listeners � and attention from a new pool of advertising candidates.

�There�s simply no interference of any kind, and we hear from listeners that say �I can finally hear you,� which is as clear of evidence there can be that we�re reaching a bigger audience,� said Mazzoli. �We also heard�from a vice president of a national advertising agency�he once deemed part of our coverage a �disaster��who was excited he could hear the signal loud and clear. Based on early interest, the MaxxCasting upgrade is going to mean more sponsors, bigger names and bigger brands, which ultimately translates to bigger ratings and more revenue.�

About GeoBroadcast Solutions

GeoBroadcast Solutions, LLC (GBS) offers proprietary products and solutions to enhance radio station coverage areas to maximize both coverage and revenue as well as the ability to zone audio (pending FCC approval) and RBDS/RDS.��With several additional patents pending, new techniques for Single Frequency Networks have been developed to improve coverage.��GeoBroadcast Solutions' charter is to innovate and bring to market technologies that help radio broadcasters maximize their signal and grow revenues. MaxxCasting will expand the coverage area of a FM signal.�ZoneCasting, pending FCC approval, will provide technology to geographically target radio advertisements. These emerging technologies give broadcasters tools to compete in the face of innovations internet and cellular message distribution.�GBS partners with:GatesAir for transmission and IP distribution equipment,�Shively�for antennas and�combiners,�and American Tower Corp for site infrastructure.