DRM Featured at Latest NASB Conference

Updates and demonstrations of Digital Radio Mondial featured at shortwave event
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NASHVILLE, Tenn.��The�National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters 26th annual conference was held June 2�3 in Nashville, Tenn.

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Digital Radio Mondiale was featured at NASB. Christopher Rumbaugh of the Digital Radio Mondiale North America (DRMNA.info) blog offered an update on India�s DRM migration; George Ross of Trans World Radio shared some of his experiences with DRM broadcasting from the island of Guam; and other attendees, including Charles Jacobson ofSonSet Solutions(previously HCJB) and associate members of DRM offered additional DRM broadcasting insights.

The proceedings were made possible by staff fromWorld Christian Broadcasting (KNLS) and WWCR, according toDRM news. Many in attendance showed interest in starting DRM broadcasts, pending roll-out of more affordable receiver options.��


DRM Makes Great Strides in India promo image

DRM Makes Great Strides in India

The 2015 Broadcast Engineering Society (India) conference and exhibition happened in January—and in the wake of the event, it seems appropriate to review the progress of Digital Radio Mondiale in India and with All India Radio in particular