India: 63 Million People Lose Mobile Internet Access

Authorities Gujarat have shut down mobile Internet service for residents due to regional political protests
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LOS ANGELES�I�ve written in the pages of Digital Radio Update quite a few times that while I believe in the importance of reaching an audience through mobile streaming, that we cannot forego our terrestrial broadcasting facilities, because it�s the media under our control, unfettered by any entities between us and our listeners. Let me give you an example of what I�m talking about.�

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�Authorities in the Indian state of Gujarat have reportedly shut down mobile Internet service for the�63 million area residents in light of political protests in the region,� according�

One seeming target of the mobile Internet shutdown is messenger applications like WhatsApp, the platform community leader Hardik Patel used to communicate with supporters following his recent arrest.

�Patel has also reportedly used WhatsApp to broadcast videos and engage with the media. reportedthat mobile Internet was still cut off on Thursday for the second consecutive day; additionally, schools and colleges are closed until Monday �in light of the deteriorating law and order situation in the state,� according to the website.

�The outlet reported that the Internet ban �is applicable in some parts of the state, on all the users of mobile Internet [and] seeks to cripple the movement since the community supporters had been using WhatsApp extensively to garner support for the movement.�

The Russians were not able to kill Radio Free Europe back during the Cold War. Somehow, broadcast radio broadcasts just manage to get through. The same can�t be said for mobile.


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