Research Shows Australian Commuters Opt for Radio

Radio accounts for 80% of in-car listening, followed by owned-music
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SYDNEY�Commuters in the Land Down Under haven�t been paying a whole lot of attention to the music streaming options that have been introduced into car dashboards, according to research released recently. reporting that, in Australia, radio accounts for 80% of in-car listening, followed by owned-music such as CDs and downloads, which make up 12% of listening, while 3% of listening is accounted for by streaming services Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify, according to the GfK Australian Share of Audio study, which can be foundhere.

The same research shows the average daily time spent listening to radio is one hour and 11 minutes � versus three minutes for streaming � among people who listen to audio in the car.

The GfK research examines how and where Australians consume all forms of audio, according to the same article. �


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More Australian Radio Listeners Choose DAB+

Digital radio listening has increased in Australia during the first survey for 2015, with 3.2 million people (24.2% of listeners)now listening each week using a DAB+ digital radio in the five metropolitan capitals of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra